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Aalto University is an international university, which offers its staff many opportunities to develop their language skills and ways on how to work in a multicultural environment. Language training courses are offerred in Finnish, English and Swedish languages in various themes and to different personnel groups. On this page there is more information about available language training courses, different language training opportunities and instructions on how to enroll to the courses.
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Language and multicultural training in Workday Learning (external link)

You will find Language and multicultural training in Workday Learning -application

Language training is offered on Finnish, English and Swedish courses on various themes and to different personnel groups. In addition there are trainings offered, especially for service staff, on how to work well in a multicultural community. The objective of these trainings is to develop the linguistic and communicational skills to act in a multilingual and multicultural work and teaching environment. Aalto staff can also participate in the Language Centres Bachelor’s, Master’s and post-graduation level courses, if the courses are not fully booked. 


Aalto offers many opportunities for Aalto staff to develop their English language skills. English language courses are offered yearly to support staff in their work based needs. Most of the courses focus on developing one area of the language for example grammar or oral communication. 


Aalto offers language courses for Aalto staff to develop their Swedish language skills. Swedish language courses are offered mainly on demand.

Finnish language and culture

Aalto university supports new staff members integration to Finland by offering them and their family members a possibility to attend Finnish language courses. Basic level Finnish courses are offered to staff yearly. During the language courses you will learn the principles of the language as well as get familiar with the cultural aspects of Finland.

Aalto staff can participate to the following Finnish language courses:



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Staff training courses

As part of staff training courses Aalto offers its staff basic level Finnish language courses. Check out the upcoming courses here.

Finnish courses in Aalto Open University

Aalto staff can participate to Aalto Open University courses, which are subject to a charge. When agreed unit or department can pay for these courses.

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Finnish language courses for students (external link)

The personnel in Aalto can participate in the Language Centre Bachelor’s, Master’s and post-graduation level courses if the courses are not fully booked.

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Introductory Finnish online course (external link)

On this online course, you can study independently the basics of Finnish language.

University of Helsinki

Finnish courses in University of Helsinki (external link)

Aalto staff can participate to the Finnish language courses offered by the University of Helsinki. Please note these courses are subject to a charge. Before enrolling check the enrollment instructions below on this page under the title courses of University of Helsinki.

Many opportunities for language training

We encourage our staff to develop their competence and take part in the broad selection of offered language courses. The diversity of the language courses gives the participant the chance to choose the most suitable course  for their individual needs.


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