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We believe that people from diverse backgrounds can reach the best results. Every recruitment at Aalto is a chance to foster equality, diversity and inclusiveness - our core values that support our community’s wellbeing, creativity and performance.
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Promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness

At Aalto University, promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness is an essential part of recruiting top talents. Attracting the broadest possible candidate pool and evaluating candidates fairly enhances our chances of attracting top talent and making excellent recruitments.

Diversity is part of who we are, and we actively work to ensure our community’s diversity and inclusiveness. This is why we warmly encourage qualified candidates from all backgrounds to join our community.

Committed to equal and transparent recruitment procedures

Aalto is committed to ethical recruitment, treating all applicants equally and fairly: 

  1. We establish as diverse a selection group as possible.
  2. We define clear selection criteria for recruitment.
  3. We market our positions widely and our recruitment marketing encourages underrepresented segments of candidates to apply.
  4. We discuss our unconscious biases within the recruitment team and are aware of our tendency to favour candidates who remind us of ourselves.
  5. We document the recruitment process carefully.
  6. We make a selection decision based on the predefined criteria, using appropriate tools.
  7. We remember to provide orientation to new employees and to follow up on them and support development of the chosen employee in their work. 

Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment of Researchers 

Aalto University is committed to the European Commission’s policy of Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment of Researchers (OTM-R).

OTM-R ensures that the best person for the job is recruited, guarantees equal opportunities and access for all, facilitates developing an international portfolio (cooperation, competition, mobility) and makes research careers more attractive.

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EDI Learning Hub

Practical tips for fostering diversity and inclusion.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto
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Human Resources Excellence in Research

Aalto University has been awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” -award by the European Commission as the first university in Finland in 2012. This page contains information on the Human Resources Strategy for Researcher (HRS4R) -process at Aalto as well as our latest HRS4R Strategy and Action Plan.

Careers at Aalto
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