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Aalto recruitment processes

In all our recruitments, we aim for a high-quality, efficient and candidate experience-driven recruitment process that fosters our core recruitment values – equality, diversity and inclusiveness. Below you can find more detailed information about our recruitment processes for various career paths.
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General recruitment process

Aalto's tenure track and lecturer track recruitment processes differ slightly from the general recruitment process. Find more information about them below.

Tenure track recruitment process

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

All candidates are expected to follow the guidelines for responsible conduct of research in their application. When the call is closed, the departmental committee selects the most promising applicants, and requests at least four impartial external peer reviewers to assess the applicants. After that the top applicants are invited to a site visit for an interview and a teaching demonstration.  Note: external reviewers and a teaching demonstration may not be required for assistant-level recruitments.

The departmental committee makes a proposal to the dean on the person to be appointed. In the case of non-tenured positions, the dean decides who to recruit after consulting the school’s tenure track committee. For the permanent (tenured) professors’ positions, the dean prepares a proposal to the president of Aalto, who makes the decision after consulting the Aalto tenure track committee.

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Tenure track

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

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Interested in joining our tenure track?

This page describes how to apply for Aalto University's tenure track. The page contains information on why to apply for Aalto University tenure track and instruction on how to apply. The site has instructions, for example, on application documents (including curriculum vitae/cv and teaching portfolio) as well as application and selection process.

Tenure track
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Tenure track - frequently asked questions and answers

This page introduces several frequently asked questions about the Aalto tenure track and answers to these questions.

Tenure track

Lecturer recruitment process

The Aalto lecturer career system is a standard career advancement path, providing a transparent and consistent process with common rules throughout the university, its schools, and departments.

Departments may recruit employees to the lecturer career system through a competitive recruitment process or only in exceptional cases by invitation. Recruitment is possible at university teacher, university lecturer and senior university lecturer levels.

Individuals to be nominated to the lecturer career system must have at least a master's degree (or in some cases, comparable artistic merits), the potential to reach an excellent level in pedagogical competence, and a pedagogical interest appropriate for the university lecturer position.

The lecturer recruitment process is similar to the tenure track recruitment process (described above), with a couple of exceptions: 

  • There is a smaller number of external reviewers
  • The final decision on the recruitment is made by the dean. 
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Lecturer career system

Aalto lecturer career system is intended primarily for individuals conducting teaching. The lecturer career system supports individual development and career advancement through clear principles and systematic evaluation criteria and allows Aalto teachers and lecturers to advance in their careers with teaching-focused merits. Teachers and lecturers have the opportunity to advance within the career system, from the university teacher level to the university lecturer level, and further to the position of a senior university lecturer and principal university lecturer. This page contains principles of the lecturer career system, levels in lecturer career system, generic time allocation in lecturer career levels as well as descriptions of recruitment and advancement processes.

Teaching and learning
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