Applications, instructions and guidelines

Applying for an extension to a right to study on Sisu

You can use Sisu to apply for an extension to your right to study. In addition to making an application, you need to have a personal study plan (or create one immediately) and schedule the courses you still need to complete.

Please read first the general instructions of extension the right to study of Aalto.

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Application for extension to the right to study

Application for extension to the right to study

Applications, instructions and guidelines

Applying for an extension – a quick guide

  1. Sisu’s frontpage will notify you if your right to study will expire at the end of your current academic term.
  2. If you are unable to graduate by that date, apply for an extension to your right to study.
  3. Update your primary study or create a study plan if you do not have one yet.
  4. Schedule the courses you still need to complete.
  5. Fill in the extension application and submit it.
  6. If you want to update your study plan or do not need an extension after all, you can cancel your application.
  7. Submit the required attachments outside Sisu as instructed.
    • Use the following email subject line: ‘[Your school: ARTS, BIZ, CHEM, ELEC, ENG or SCI], [your name], attachment to application for extension’
  8. You will receive a message on Sisu as soon as your application is approved or rejected.

In what situation are extension applications not made on Sisu? When is it impossible to apply for an extension?  

Generally, if your Aalto username still works and can log in to Sisu, you should use it to apply for an extension.

Do not use Sisu to submit an extension application in the following cases:

  1. Your Aalto username has expired and you cannot log in to Sisu.
  2. Your right to study has already expired AND your education path has been personalised.
    • Apply for an extension outside Sisu:[email protected]
    • Create a personal study plan on Sisu. Although its status will be ‘Selections against the rules’, the administrative staff will use it when processing your application.
    • Go to the ‘My profile’ page and the ‘Study rights’ tab to see whether your study path has been personalised.

You cannot apply for an extension at all if:

  1. The status of your right to study is
    • Cancelled
    • Renounced
    • Graduated
  2. You are transferring to another educational institution. 
  3. You have completed all your studies.

Creating a personal study plan

To apply for an extension to your right to study, you do not need to create a new study plan. You can simply update your existing plan. The status of your study plan should be ‘Selections done’. 

  • If this is not the case, Sisu will first ask you to complete your study plan. 
  • As soon as the status of your study plan is ‘Selections done’, navigate back to the notification box on the frontpage to make an application.
    • You can make an application for an extension even if your study plan includes study modules that require separate approval. However, you should apply for separate approval for these modules at the same time as you apply for an extension. Detailed instructions on applying for approval and study module statuses are available here.

If your study plan contains one or several study drafts, they must comply with the rules of the study plan:

  • A study draft can only be included in a study module whose rules permit it.
  • The study module must be conditionally approved.

If necessary, use the Free edit mode to apply for approval.

Scheduling your studies

If you have not scheduled your courses by adding them to your timeline, Sisu will ask you to do so. 

  • Schedule your upcoming courses for the ongoing teaching period or future terms.
    • Example: If you are applying for an extension during Period II in December, you cannot schedule any courses for Period I in the past autumn. 
  • If your degree has a two-cycle structure (bachelor+master) and you have not yet completed either degree, you need to add the courses you plan to include in each degree to your timeline.
    • You can schedule studies more than four terms/two academic years into the future although this is the maximum extension that you can apply for at a time. 
  • You also have to add your study drafts to your timeline.
  • How to schedule your studies? 

Extension application

After you have put your study plan in order and scheduled your studies, it is time to make the actual application for an extension to your right to study.

Submitting appendices

Send the necessary attachments to Aalto University using channels other than Sisu.

Decision on application for extension and appeals

When your application for an extension has been processed, you will receive a message on Sisu. 

  1. Go to ‘My profile’ and open the ‘Applications and requests’ tab.
    • A negative decision includes the grounds of the decision and appeal instructions.

Appealing against the decision:

  • If you are unsatisfied with the decision you received and want to request rectification, follow the appeal instructions included in the decision. 
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Applications, instructions and guidelines
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