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Want to learn more about a specific page type at aalto.fi? This blog post summarizes the most common page types and links to further instructions.
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Get to know aalto.fi and its site structure

There are several page types at aalto.fi, each with its specific purpose and layout. The website at large is made up of hubs which contains content from different categories. If you're unfamiliar with the overall structure of the website, start with a basic tutorial.

Learn more about the general site structure!

Once you have understood how the site is structured, it's time to go ahead and create pages for your content.  The most commonly used page types are:

  • Article, the go-to page type for general info that can be updated over time. The content of the articles ranges from degree programmes, Otaniemi campus to collaboration.
  • Service, used specifically by the service providers at Aalto to create practical, guiding content for staff, students and partners.
  • News, for recent happenings, either public or for the Aalto community only.
  • Event, used for upcoming happenings at the university.
  • Research group, exclusively for explaining and promoting the work done by Aalto university's research groups.

Find the one that suits your purpose the best below and learn more about that page type!

How to create and edit an article page at aalto.fi

An article page can be used to present any type of information or content. The topic can be, for example, collaboration options, a certain research area or architecture in Otaniemi. Here's how to do that.

Find out more about articles
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Help people find your service

Do you work at one of Aalto's service providers? Aalto.fi provides a bunch of service content for staff, students and partners, for example about IT, employment, HR, admissions, teaching, research infrastructure, etc.

Learn how to create and edit a Service page


Learn how to publish a news story

An important part of aalto.fi are the news feeds.They showcase recent happenings, groundbreaking research, important promotions and much more. If you are a news editor, make sure that you know the basics of creating a news story!

Learn about creating news

How to create an event at aalto.fi

Event pages offer a set of functionalities to help you address all the necessary information to users.

Make your own event
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Department of Computer Science research, infrared lights hanging on the roof for machine learning in plant growing project

Your research group deserves a page

Research groups have a specific page type, tailored for their specific needs. These pages have the purpose of explaining and promoting your group's work, as well as listing the group members and contact information.

Create a page for your research group

Aalto.fi website

Here, you can find instructions on how to make the most out of aalto.fi to visualise your pages and make your content findable. This page is also for the latest Drupal news and events.

Find more tutorials and tips
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