Aalto University Archives

Workshops and exhibitions

Archive materials can be used as source material in university teaching and it is also used in exhibitions and publications.
Visual communication design koulutusohjelman vierailu
Visual communication design students exploring archive materials

The archives' documents, image and object collections provide a unique opportunity to have an insight into the history and activities of the university and the development of disciplines over a long time period.

Training  and workshops are available on using archive materials, and the materials can be used as source material in teaching, exhibitions and different kinds of publications:

  • Document archives: the univeristy's and its predecessors' document heritage, records and private archives
  • Visual and media archives: digital collections and historic photograph, drawing and audio-visual materials
  • Object collections: pedagogical collection of ceramics and glass student works, fashion and textile art student works, museum collection of technological teaching and research instruments

Archive material workshops can be integrated and designed according to the course requirements, materials may also, if appropriate, be loaned for exhibitions, contact [email protected]

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