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Management of Enablers

Aalto University’s purpose is to shape a sustainable future by means of high-quality research, education and impact. To enable our success, we invest in our community and people, infrastructures and campus, and services and resources.

Our purpose and values define our long-term direction. In addition, we have selected areas of development for research, education, impact, and enabling our success as well as three cross-cutting areas, that best drive us towards our purpose.

A responsible member of the President's Management Team has been appointed to each joint strategic area. The President's Management Team (PMT) is responsible for prioritizing joint activities.   

The Enablers (enabling our success) joint area is led by the President with the support of Service Directors. The activities are steered by the Enablers Steering Group (ESG). Practical work is supported by services' management teams, various action groups and Leadership Support Services (LSS).

The Enablers joint area is further divided into three areas, that are directed by Service Directors according to their line responsibilities:

  • People and culture, e.g. the university community, personnel and wellbeing, and our organizational culture
  • Campus and infrastructures, e.g. long-term campus development plan, security, IT architecture and information security
  • Services and financial resilience, e.g. service development and digitalization, legal compliance, privacy and financial resilience

Enablers' actors and responsibilities

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Enabling our success

To enable our success, we invest in our community & people, infrastructures & campus and services & resources.


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Service entities

The services provide support for research, teaching, and art and creative practices and to faculty and students.

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