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Management of cross cutting approaches

Sustainable solutions, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset are reflected in everything that we do. Our combination of science, art, technology and business expertise allows us to rethink challenges and solutions alike. By encouraging a radically creative and entrepreneurial culture within our community, together we can make impact and find sustainable solutions.

The three cross-cutting themes of Aalto University's new strategy are radical creativity, an entrepreneurial mindset and sustainability solutions. Radical creativity means bold and experimental creation of new solutions and the ability to achieve profound development in rapidly changing situations. An entrepreneurial mindset means approaching problems and challenges as an opportunity to develop something new. Sustainable development solutions mean concrete solutions to the social and environmental challenges that shake the world, especially as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These themes are linked to all Aalto's research, teaching and development work. With radical creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset, we can strengthen our ability to change, produce sustainability solutions and increase social impact. The aim is especially to enable all Aalto University students new knowledge for the future.

Solutions for sustainability illustration inspired by art piece called Hidaka Ohmu by Julia Lohmann, illustration by Anna Muchenikova

Solutions for sustainability

We help solve grand challenges in and across our key areas.

Our strategy
Radical creativity illustration: Anna Muchenikova

Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

Our strategy
Entrepreneurial mindset themed illustration showing a robotic hand, illustration by Anna Muchenicova

Entrepreneurial mindset

We foster an inspiring entrepreneurial culture.

Our strategy

The actors, roles and responsibilities of cross cutting approaches

Our plan 2025-2028

Explore our strategic plans for 2025-2028

More about plans
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