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Solutions for sustainability

We help solve grand challenges in and across our key areas. Finding solutions for sustainability is one of the three cross-cutting approaches in our living strategy.
Solutions for sustainability illustration inspired by art piece called Hidaka Ohmu by Julia Lohmann, illustration by Anna Muchenikova

The global sustainability crisis is one of the major trends shaping us. Our focus of development is to help solve grand challenges in and across our key areas. 

The actions we need to take to reach this include connecting our strengths to create solutions for grand challenges and pioneering sustainable solutions in our operations. 

The other cross-cutting approaches are

Radical creativity

Entrepreneurial mindset

Our recent solutions for sustainability

We help solve grand challenges in and across our key areas.

Aikaisempi Ioncell-lankoja

Jenni Haukio to wear gown made of sustainable Ioncell material at December’s Independence Day reception

Ioncell is a new technology that creates high-quality textile fibres from wood or recycled materials.

1,5 degree lifestyles

1.5 Degree Lifestyles

1.5 Degree Lifestyles is a case study about opportunities and suggested pathways for household level carbon footprint reductions to slow global warming to 1.5 degrees, as targeted by the Paris Agreement of the United Nations.

Department of Design
Puupohjainen lanka

Wood-based yarn captures hormones from wastewater

Hormones and other pharmaceuticals ending up in bodies from natural waters are a globally significant environmental problem.

Taloustieteilijät ehdottavat: Näin Suomi puolittaa tieliikenteen päästöt vuoteen 2030 mennessä

Economists suggest: This is how Finland will halve its road transport emissions by 2030

The most efficient way to reach emissions targets is to introduce a permit system for fuel sales that will set quotas for fuel carbon contents

Redesigning everything for sustainability. Illustration by Marika Latsone

We need to redesign everything—but how?

Meeting sustainable development goals requires more collaboration between disciplines.

Where is the water?

Where is the water?

Only a fraction of the water on Earth is drinkable, so we need ways to use it smartly.

HealthTech nano materials, photo by Mikko Raskinen

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