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Entrepreneurial mindset

One of the Aalto community’s strengths is its courageous, low-hierarchy culture with empowered students. Building on this, Aalto fosters a thriving entrepreneurial culture. This thrive is visible in the success stories such as Slush and Junction sprouting from the heart of Aalto’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Entrepreneurial mindset themed illustration showing a robotic hand, illustration by Anna Muchenicova

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to have entrepreneurial capabilities. Everyone needs them.

Learning how to think, build, create, and research like an entrepreneur should be a right of everyone in the university community. The goal is to advance entrepreneurial capabilities throughout Aalto by supporting student-driven activities and initiatives while ensuring that entrepreneurial studies, co-created by students and faculty members, are available to the community as a whole. 

Entrepreneurial capabilities – courage and curiosity to find new ways to create value, taking ownership of your work, having intrinsic motivation, owning up to your mistakes and tenaciously getting back up again – can and should be applied to anything one does.

Below, people from all over the Aalto community share their thoughts on the many ways fostering an entrepreneurial mindset can help us all on our respective career journeys – whatever they might be.

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Solutions for sustainability

Radical creativity

Jouko Lampinen

Aalto University is home to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture. The entrepreneurial mindset is about the ability and willingness to continuously search for opportunities to create sustainable social and economic value and the courage to take action to pursue these opportunities under uncertainty. 

We foster and cherish this mindset here at Aalto University dearly. Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean one embarks on a journey to become an entrepreneur; it means applying this mindset to whatever it is you strive towards with unmatched passion.

Jouko Lampinen, Dean, School of Science

Thoughts from Aalto community

Aalto community members share their thoughts on how fostering an entrepreneurial mindset helps them create something new. 

Lauri Järvilehto

Thinking like an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial mindsets can be told apart through the simple gauge of how you relate to the problems you face.

Pasi Herranen

Building like an entrepreneur

For Pasi Herranen, an entrepreneurial mindset means having wild visions, mental readiness, and continuously developing one's social skills.

Xiao Yu

Entrepreneurial mindset and research

An entrepreneurial mindset means identifying problems and needs through precise observations of daily life.


Entrepreneurial design

Patricia Pinheiro was already a successful entrepreneur when she first came to the Industrial and Strategic design program as a MA student.


Tools for creating an entrepreneurial mindset

The world is changing faster than ever, and no one knows what happens tomorrow, let alone in ten years.


Entrepreneurial success stories from Aalto community

photo: Aleksi Neuvonen

What if nanotech could save lives?

Xfold Imaging’s innovative solutions enable the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules at a nano-scale resolution which has, up until now, not been possible. Looking this deep will give earlier diagnostics to stop disease outbreaks in their tracks, allow pharmaceutical companies to design better drugs.

photo: Aleksi Neuvonen

What if AI video could solve the food crisis?

Yield Systems aims to have a significant sustainable impact on the global food system by democratising AI capabilities for plant breeding and speeding up the development of crop yields and adaptation

photo: Aleksi Neuvonen

What if AR Navigation could help you find free coffee at Slush?

VimAI uses machine learning mixed with computer vision to bring on a new kind of augmented reality or as they say, augmented intelligence, for indoor settings. It’s all easily accessible on a smartphone, and with no hefty infrastructure investment.

photo: Aleksi Neuvonen

What if you didn’t have to own anything?

Rentle is leading the charge on a new sustainable consumption model based on renting, and their approach is to make it much easier for businesses to run a rental business model with a simplified, modernised and powerful platform.

What if a software could foster world peace?

What if a software could foster world peace?

Inforglobe has created a participatory decision software which assists organisations, both in the private and public sector, and in participatory risk management, and strategy process, and it will come in handy for a significant number of challenging situations.

Entä jos kvanttilaskenta vähentäisi merkittävästi autoilun päästöjä?(kuva: Aleksi Neuvonen)

What if quantum computing could cut all car pollution?

Quantum computing reduces processing times from millions of years to mere seconds, compared to the fastest supercomputer. IQM is turning this remarkable fact into a scale-able reality

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