Aalto ARTS Communications Guide


Guidelines and tools for planning and managing events at Väre and across Aalto University
  1. Book a space. For permission to book an exhibition space for an event, please contact Jonna Utriainen [email protected]
  2. Inform Lobby services and security [email protected] about your event.

    If your event is in Väre: 
  3. Notify Väre's lobby coffeeshop Cafetoria of your event and make sure that the event does not interfere with their operations.
  4. Plan how to move technology and furniture to Väre and their temporary placement before the event is built (Kari Niiranen and lobby service staff will advise)
  5. All loading via loading bridge: https://palvelukartta.hel.fi/unit/59266
  6. Plan a safe and accessible event with Lobby Services
  7. Indicate the duration of the event, the person in charge and where to direct guests, removal of technology and furniture from Väre's premises etc.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in front of Väre's main entrance. There are designated smoking areas on the Ainonaukio side of the area between entrances 14D and 14B, as well as A bloc side on the 12A plateau at entrance
  9. There is no storage space in Väre. Remember to clean properly and sort all waste. Instructions here.
  10. See Väre Manual for ARTS people (below these instructions)
  11. Remember Covid19 guidelines for events
Aalto University Graduation Party, photo by Heli Sorjonen

Organising events at Aalto University

Aalto Communications can give you useful information and assistance in event preparation, and Events Library online guide can help you plan and organize your events.

Round picture with illustration of several people interacting

Events Library

Events Library compiles all information you need for creating an event.

Aalto-yliopisto / kuvaaja: Tuomas Uusheimo

Aalto University facility use and event security

The facilities of Aalto University are available for events. On this page you can find an event security notification form and other important information on for example event security.

People at an event

Event Sustainability - checklist for event planning

This checklist helps you to consider the environmental sustainability of your event.

Rehtori Ilkka Niemelä puhuu Väreen avajaisjuhlissa

Accessible event planning checklist

The Accessible Aalto makes it possible for people of all abilities to be a part of our community every day. Aalto goes Accessible also in events and parties!

Aalto University

Recycling and sorting

Efficient recycling and sorting of waste is part of Aalto University's sustainable development strategy. We strive to reduce waste and reuse raw materials for either new products or energy.


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