Recycling and sorting

Efficient recycling and sorting of waste is part of Aalto University's sustainable development strategy. We strive to reduce waste and reuse raw materials for either new products or energy.
Photo: Milla Uusitalo / Aalto CRE

Waste management hierarchy to guide waste management: the order of priority

  1. First, avoid generating waste.
  2. If waste is generated, it should be prepared for reuse.
  3. If reuse is not possible, recycle the waste as material or, as a second choice, as energy.
  4. Only send waste to a landfill if recycling is not technically (or financially) possible

Waste sorting – real estate waste management

Real estate waste management services entail the following:

Recycling - user of the space

Tenant / the user of the space is responsible for the following waste management:

This service is provided by:

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate

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