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Accessible event planning checklist

A welcoming and open attitude to diversity is the key to developing better and accessible Aalto events. An awareness of diverse audiences is required during all stages of planning, financing and production.
Rehtori Ilkka Niemelä puhuu Väreen avajaisjuhlissa
President Ilkka Niemelä talking at the opening gala of Väre in September 2018

Accessible Aalto event planning checklist

  • Accessible Parking Spaces – accessible parking spaces should be placed close to venue entries and exits, accessible toilets, pay stations and lifts/ramps.
  • Public Transportation – post local accessible routes and schedules using HSL route planner.
  • Paths of Travel – provide wide, even, slip-resistant paths, without steps or barriers that lead to all the public areas of the event.
  • Stages and Seating – provide a ramp for your stage, and ensure the stage is visible for someone watching from accessible seating or from a wheelchair.
  • Food Services and Public Eating Areas – design food areas so that someone who needs mobility support can easily navigate them. Provide options for people using wheeled mobility devices.
  • Washrooms and Temporary Toilets – provide accessible toilets or washrooms at ground level, away from crowds and sound systems.
  • Rest areas and rain/wind/sun shelters – offer quiet areas and weather shelters.
  • Signs – provide high-contrast signs in high and low positions, and make sure signs use fonts that are readable in all light conditions.
  • Support Persons – a support person can go wherever the person they support goes. Post any admission fees for support persons in the same place general admission information is found.
  • Service Animals – a person with a disability can be accompanied by their service animal to all areas available to the public.
  • Training Staff and Volunteers – train staff and volunteers to welcome people with disabilities and on your festival’s accessibility features.
  • Communication Supports – consider offering captioners, sign language interpreters, or individuals who can describe performances.
  • Maps and Information – provide information about your festival’s accessibility features and consider people with disabilities in your emergency plans. Provide an accessibility information area. Servicemap is very practical for this.
  • Other Accessibility Considerations – provide dedicated accessibility volunteers, rent/buy accessible equipment, provide accessibility information areas.
  • Promote your event or party – tell people about the accessibility features in the same places you promote your event.
  • Ask for Feedback – collect feedback before, during, and after the festival,

Event Sustainability - checklist for event planning

This checklist helps you to consider the environmental sustainability of your event.

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Events Library

Events Library compiles all information you need for creating an event.

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Accessible Aalto

Aalto University strives towards being an accessible, safe and healthy university where research, teaching and services are accessible for all.

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Servicemap of the metropolitan area (external link)

All the services in the metropolitan area within your reach.

Aalto-yliopiston toimipisteet pääkaupunkiseudun palvelukartalla

Invalidiliiton Esteettömyyskeskus ESKEn Esteettömän tapahtuman -kriteerit Tarkistettavat kohdat niin esteettömän tapahtumien kulkuyhteyksille, tapahtumapaikalle, tapahtuman sisällölle ja tiedottamiselle. Lisäksi kerrotaan vielä se, miten luodaan kokemus siitä, että kaikki ovat tervetulleita tapahtumaan.

Kulttuuria kaikille -palvelun henkilökunta yhteiskuvassa

Culture for All symbol bank (external link)

The symbol bank of the Culture for All Service contains symbols created both at the Culture for All Service and in the course of the Helsinki for All project. They can be used freely for non-commercial purposes.

Kulttuuria kaikille - Kultur för alla - Culture for All

In need of inspiration for accessibility and diversity work? Check out our checklist for museums (external link)

Accessibility and diversity checklist for exhibitions in English. Translated in cooperation with The Finnish National Committee of ICOM.

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