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Data agents

Data Agents are researchers who work to improve data management in their department, school, or unit. They are a first, practical, hands-on resource to researchers in their department.

Our mission is better data management

A cultural change is needed to maximize Aalto University's research impact. We have recruited Data agents to ensure that data is managed properly and it is possible to open. Proper data management is essential in order to achieve open science goals:

  1. Optimal use and reuse of research data (Strategic Goal of Aalto University)
  2. Aalto 2022: Strong open research data capabilities (Digitalization Strategy, Aalto University)

How can data agents help you

Data agents extend the support services with discipline-specific expertise and they can help with everyone's particular needs. Everyone these days uses data in different forms, yet our ability to handle it well has not always kept up and it can easily get lost or not fully utilized.

Tasks of the agents include:

  • Foster reuse of data
  • Help researchers, research groups and departments to manage data well
  • Help to publish data in a suitable repository
  • Giving feedback and contributing to the development of data support services in Aalto University

Other sources of help and support

For service requests, contact the support unit operating the service. The agents may be contacted for any relevant questions about research data or data-related services. Agents help researchers to use the services, but do not run the services themselves.

Open publishing of research articles

Storing department's publications and activities at ACRIS

Scientific computing

Science-IT can help you with scientific computing.

This service is provided by:

Research and Innovation Services

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