Research Software Engineers

Generic computational workstation, Photo by Aalto University / Marijn van Vliet

The Aalto Research Software Engineers (RSE) provide specialist support regarding software, computing, and data. As research becomes more digital and computer-dependent, the prerequisite knowledge grows larger and larger, creating a gap between those able to use the tools and those who struggle. The RSE program is designed to address this gap. We not only provide a service, but also teach researchers so they can be confident programmers and users of advanced IT tools, if that is their goal.

We consist of experienced researchers who have relied heavily on computing technology (programming, computing, data) for our academic work, and thus can seamlessly collaborate on research projects. Our current mission is to use what we have learned to ensure that everyone can succeed in advanced research, regardless of pre-existing skills. We can, for example, provide as a service or advise on:

  • Custom software development or modification
  • Scaling up to larger computing systems, code optimization, workflow automation
  • Preparing a code for release, or cleaning up old code that needs to be re-used
  • Transforming a code or group from an individual project to a collaborative project
  • Data management services

We are currently funded by the School of Science and individual projects. Short-term projects are free for the researcher.  For longer term projects, we can be hired as a service or employee using the project money (such as research grants). 

In the future, we aim to expand our RSE services to other schools. Any project seeking to use our services should get in touch using the links below. Anyone can always contact us for information. If you are planning a large grant and we can make your proposal more competitive, you can write us directly into your grant (boilerplate text available here, but contact us first).

Aalto RSE is part of the Science-IT project, which provides infrastructure, support, and training for high-level computational research at Aalto University and is coordinated by the School of Science. By working as part of Science-IT, we provide a complete package of infrastructure and hands-on support to use it. Science-IT is an Aalto-level infrastructure and supports the whole university.

This service is provided by:

School of Science

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