Wood science teaching

Wood science is taught by the Department of Bioproducts and Bioprocesses at the School of Chemical Technology.
CHEM_Bio_Wood material

Fiber and Polymer Engineering major

Teaching in wood science and technology now forms part of the Fiber and Polymer Engineering major under the Master's Program in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering. Most of the wood science courses, however, are open for students in all fields and are listed below.

Teaching is continually being developed under the supervision of Professors Lauri Rautkari and Mark Hughes to ensure that students are given the most up-to-date education in this rapidly evolving field. One main focus is to develop high-quality online-teaching to enable large audience to this engaging field of wood science. 

Fibre and Polymer Engineering major

Aalto Wood minor

Aalto Wood minor is available 2022 onwards for students in any field. After completing the minor, students will understand the fundamentals of wood as an engineering material and know the range, functions and possible applications of products made from wood.

The minor reflects the Aalto Wood collaboration - a group of professors, scientists and teachers providing a melting point for multidisciplinary research and education between the departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Forest Products Technology. Aalto Wood aims to advance high-quality and sustainable use of wood in the living environment for a low-carbon future.

Courses 2022-2023

These courses provided by the Department of Bioproducts and Bioprocesses also form the main part of Aalto Wood minor

Cross-cut wood disk on a wooden table

New minor: Aalto Wood

For students in any field interested in wood!

Close-up of curly wood grain orientation of an old piece of wood

Online course “Wood material science” starts 10.1.2023

Learn 100% online how the structure of wood affects its physical and mechanical properties.

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