Excellence in wood across Aalto

Aalto Wood brings together research, teaching, and infrastructure related to wood.

Wooden pavilion structure

Aalto Wood is a focal point for wood science, technology, architecture and design. At its heart are research and teaching staff, who are dedicated to advancing high-quality and sustainable use of wood in the living environment.

Aalto Wood provides a melting point for multidisciplinary research and education, enabling top-quality wood innovation and application.


Architect doing handson work at the Wood Program of Aalto University. Photo by Anne Kinnunen

Wood Program

The Wood Program is a one-year program of study that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. The program is intended for architects, engineers and other students with a background in design and strong interest in timber construction.

Cross-cut wood trunk in the forest

Wood science teaching

Wood science is taught by the Department of Bioproducts and Bioprocesses.


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Lähikuva Pikku-Finlandia väistörakennuksen vaaleasta männyn rungosta
Press releases Published:

Wooden buildings are a sustainable alternative in the face of global steel shortages

Building with wood instead of steel and concrete would make construction more sustainable and supply chains more resilient
Tree cut in the forest showing the growth rings in the cross-cut section.
Studies Published:

Wood products Online course starts 3.3.2022

You may follow the course independently whenever it is suitable for you during periods IV-V.
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Press releases, Research & Art Published:

Bio-based coating for wood outperforms traditional synthetic options

Researchers turn a non-toxic residue into wood coating that resists abrasion-, stain-, and sunlight.
New Stadards -näyttely Suomen Paviljongissa Venetsian arkkitehtuuribiennaalissa 2021, kuva Tanskan Aarhusista
Cooperation, Research & Art, University Published:

New Standards exhibition will open 20 May in Venice Architecture Biennale

Finland’s exhibition presents collaboration between the timber industry and architects to alleviate the housing shortage during the World War II and reconstruction.

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Josh Krute with the Pikku Finlandia tree designs

The Trees of Pikku Finlandia

This exhibition by Josh Krute at Pikku Finlandia Hall in Töölö features relief prints made from cross sections of the building's unique pine tree pillars.
Image of three building blocks

Building blocks of a better future

This exhibition showcases several ways in which different materials can be used sustainably as new building blocks.
Composite image of six different wood-waste-based sculpture projects

Re-valuing Wood

How can we use wood resources thoughtfully and preserve our natural forest environment? Six student project teams explored the potential of cascading demolition wood waste, through panels made of this potentially valuable resource.
Forum Wood Building Nordic flyer
Conferences and workshops

Forum Wood Building Nordic 2022

MORE - Mobilizing Our Resources Efficiently.

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Wooden-structured Little Finlandia opened its doors in Töölönlahti Bay

The building erected in the Töölö Bay area to temporarily house Finlandia Hall’s functions during its renovation is, in the words of architect Jaakko Torvinen, like a forest in the centre of Helsinki.

Lähikuva Pikku-Finlandia väistörakennuksen vaaleasta männyn rungosta

A greenhouse out of wood: new design makes vertical farming greener

Efficient insulation halves energy consumption and could boost the income of vertical farms

Puinen kasvihuone

Research groups

Wood Material Technology

Group led by Professor Mark Hughes

CHEM_Bio_Wood material

Wood Material Science and Technology

Group led by Assistant Professor Lauri Rautkari


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Wood architecture and design

Timber structures and engineering

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