New minor: Aalto Wood

The new Aalto Wood minor is available for students in any field.
Cross-cut wood disk on a wooden table

After completing the new CHEM3065 Aalto Wood minor, students will understand the fundamentals of wood as an engineering material and know the range, functions and possible applications of products made from wood. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of wood and wood-based products, in areas such as wood science and technology, engineering applications in construction and in architecture and design. More details of the minor are given in the Aalto Student guide, see link below:

Aalto Wood in the Student guide


CHEM-C2470 Forests, Wood and Carbon, 5 cr (online) is a prerequisite course and is available in the I-period and V-period in 2023-2024. Students may register for the course in Sisu. There is no application procedure or other restrictions for the minor.

Forests, Wood, and Carbon -course (Sisu)News about Forest, Wood, and Carbon

Wood is a fantastic material that keeps on giving endless possibilities for new applications

Professor Lauri Rautkari

Structure of the minor

The minor is taught in English and the extent is 20–25 cr (minimum and maximum scope of the minor should be checked from student’s own programme!) The two mandatory courses (in the III and IV periods) comprising 10 cr are organized in an online format, enabling students to follow the courses independently:

Mandatory course: Wood material science (Sisu)Mandatory course: Wood products and processes (Sisu)Following completion of the mandatory component, the student can choose different focus areas such as wood science (CHEM), timber engineering (ENG) or wood construction and design (ARTS). However, multidisciplinary choices are recommended. Please find the list of possible courses in the Into-page above!

Different scales are shown from a tree to molecules forming the cell wall.
The mandatory part of the minor presents wood material in different scales: from a growing tree in the forest to the molecular level of the wood cell-wall. (Daniela Altgen)


The minor has a background in Aalto Wood – a collaboration between the departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Forest Products Technology - which contributes to the multi-disciplinary education of students of architecture, design, civil and structural engineering. Please find more about Aalto Wood collaboration from the link below:

Aalto Wood collaboration


For further questions related to the minor please contact Pauliina Ketola ([email protected]) from Learning Services or Professor in charge of the minor Lauri Rautkari.

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