Mark Hughes

T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems

Mark Hughes holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, obtained in 1984 from Portsmouth University, UK, a MSc in Forest Industries Technology from Bangor University, UK and a PhD in Wood Science, also from Bangor University. After obtaining his PhD in 2000, he worked for 6 years as a research manager at the BioComposites Centre, a contract research institute based at Bangor University, successful setting-up and managing the materials group there. He moved to Finland in 2006, taking up a position at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), first as research manager and then as full professor, with effect from 1st January 2007. His research interests are diverse, ranging from structure-property relationships in wood and composite materials, through wood modification, to the use of wood in resource-efficient construction. In the past 5 years, his work has focused on improving the sustainability of wood construction by using it to enhance the energy-efficiency of buildings as well as studying how circular economy principles might be applied to the wood value chain. His research interests also encompass the role that biomaterials can play in mitigating climate change, when used in the built environment. He has authored or co-authored around 100 publications that have appeared in the scientific literature, seven book chapters and contributed to a large number of conferences and other events over the years.     

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Wood, WoodLife, Wood2New, Micromechanics, wood-based composites, Climate change, composite materials, biobased fibres, Sustainability, Construction, 216 Materials engineering, 2 Engineering and technology, Wood and paper materials

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  • Wood Material Technology, Professor


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