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The new Aalto WiT Programme is developed for professionals who wish to work in the humanitarian field. It focuses on the resilience of human settlements in low & middle-income countries.

This programme gives you a valuable set of knowledge and grassroots work-life experience needed in the humanitarian field.

By participating in this programme you will gain both academic and practice-based knowledge which enables you to identify and create new opportunities for working with international organisations.

The WiT Programme is a 5-month intensive transdisciplinary professional diploma programme. It is developed together with our partner organisations and hosted by the World in Transition Research LAB (WiTLAB) at Aalto University.

The programme brings together the capacities of universities, organisations, and individual professionals who are passionate about changing the world for the better.

The application is now open! We are excited to receive your application → Apply now

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Case studies 2024

Learn more about the confirmed case studies for the WiT Programme 2024!

WiT Programme

WiTLAB alumni stories

Meet the professionals who have participated in WiTLAB's courses and collaborative projects through time! Here you find interviews where the alumni share their learning experiences and career journeys after graduating from Aalto University.

Image of Niina Rinne

Niina Rinne - WiTLAB collaborator

Niina is an alumna of the Creative Sustainability programme, currently working at UN-Habitat in Nairobi as a Programme Management Officer
Image of Milja Lindberg

Milja Lindberg - WiTLAB research alumna

Milja is a Finnish-Canadian architect and independent researcher from the early years of WiTLAB’s research group
Image of Maria Hedengren

Maria Hedengren - Cities in Transition alumna

Maria is an architect currently working as a creative director, marketing strategist and planner
Image of Emma Lappalainen

Emma Lappalainen - City in Crisis alumna

Emma is an architect and alumna of the ‘City in Crisis’ studio 2010, currently working as the CEO and lead consultant at Finngroup Consultants

About us

Aalto WiT Programme is led by a team of researchers, educators and field workers from Aalto WiTLAB, all equipped with a unique set of expertise and experience. Image: Helena Sandman

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Cambodia field trip


Teachers and students in Tanzania
WiT Programme

WiTLAB Side Event at UIA Copenhagen

Aalto WiT Programme launch and workshop - Side event at UIA Copenhagen 2023

Hopeful Globe podcast

WiTLAB guesting on the Hopeful Globe Podcast

Aalto WiTLAB has guested on an episode of the Hopeful Globe Podcast by the University of Turku. The Hopeful Globe Podcast series is a collaboration between Institutes of Higher Education, sharing inspiring stories across the globe.

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Aalto University campus in Otaniemi
Conferences, Workshops

ARCH24 - The 6th International conference on Architecture, Research, Health and Care (external link)

The International ARCH24 Conference will be held at Aalto University, Espoo, in June 17th to 19th in 2024.
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E-mail: [email protected] - WiT Programme coordinator

Visiting Address: we reside in Väre, Otaniementie 14, 3th floor

Mailing Address: WiT LAB PO Box 31000 FI-00076 AALTO FINLAND 

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