Research for sustainability

Complex sustainability challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity and global inequality call for ground-breaking and societally impactful research. Our key research areas give us a unique chance for creating multidisciplinary knowledge on cutting-edge sustainability solutions.
CHEMARTS. Photo: Aalto University/ Eeva Suorlahti

At Aalto University we study many exciting sustainability questions like giving rebirth to abandoned materials, revolution towards more sustainable energy and mobility, and solutions for water scarcity. We study innovation for poverty alleviation, sharing economy, climate finance and many other topics that enable us to create practice-relevant and multidisciplinary knowledge on cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

We believe that cooperation between different scientific fields and social actors is vital in answering the complex sustainability challenges.

As outlined in Aalto University Code of Conduct, we are committed to promoting sustainability in our teaching, research contents and results, as well as in our research processes and practices.

Research groups focusing on sustainability

Examples of other projects on sustainability

Aalto Global Impact

We promote and facilitate Aalto University’s research and education for global sustainable development.

Aalto Global Impact
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