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Self-study spaces

Aalto University offers its students a range of learning spaces – from traditional classrooms to facilities for distance and hybrid learning as well as group work. Spaces designed for self-study are found in many places around campus, and access rights let you work in them at the times that suit you.

Students at Aalto University Learning hub.
Learning hub

Study space rules and booking procedures

Any student can use any Otaniemi campus building during opening hours. In principle, you may study in any space that looks free and does not have a previous booking. For instance, you can study in a lecture hall if no class is in session there and no other students have booked it.

  1. Please respect the grounds rules. Some spaces are designated as quiet (for reading, writing or listening with headphones), some as semi-quiet (where brief comments are permitted during a remote lecture, for example) and some as interactive (for group work etc.). 
  2. Some self-study spaces can be booked up to 7 work days in advance. The maximum time of the reservation is 2 hours and you can have maximum 2 bookings at a time. As a student, you can book a room for independent study yourself by using the Aalto Space app. Almost every teaching and meeting space can be booked on the spur of the moment for a maximum of two hours from the time you placed the booking. Please note, however, that the booking arrangements do vary for some special-purpose spaces.
  3. All shared-use spaces can be used by students of any field. See Shared-use self-study spaces. The person who books a space has precedence over its use. The spaces are to be used for study purposes.
  4. If you have problems or notice defects in a study space, please inform us using the Aalto Space app so we can keep the spaces in good working order.
Aalto Space applikaatio Kuva: Hannes Huotari

Finding and getting access to spaces

The best way to find a space is by using the Aalto Space app. You can log in using your phone number. The app lets you search for an available space for study or for group work. The map included in the app allows you to navigate all the teaching spaces (such as lecture halls) in a building. 

  1. Aalto Space app
  2. Find updated campus map on this page
  3. Construction sites and exception routes on campus

Aalto University spaces are divided into four access zones. Students have access to the public areas and to the joint (or common) areas. These include main entrance doors, lobbies, most first-floor hallways and some other areas requiring access tokens. 

Basic access rights for students are activated in an access token, for which they can use an HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) card. When beginning their studies, new students receive an Aalto ID and email address, which serves as their user identification when logging on to the self-service portal.

  1. Register your access token or HSL card at the self-service portal
  2. How to get an access token and access rights
Maarintalo lounge

24/7 self-study spaces for all students

  • The Undergraduate Centre (‘kandikeskus’) student living-room, or Student Hub (the study space in the middle of the Otakaari 1 building) can be accessed outside of regular hours by using your access token at the K door. The hub has a kitchen with a water tap, refrigerator and microwave oven. You can keep a lunch (marked with your name) in the kitchen for short periods. There are also snack vending machines in and around the hub. When the building is closed, you can use one of the WCs (toilets) at Y184a–c.
  • Maari Building (Maarintalo) Your access token makes the IT classrooms and second-floor self-study rooms available to you 24/7. The kitchen has a water tap, refrigerator and microwave oven, and the lobby has a snack vending machine. You can keep a lunch (marked with your name) in the kitchen for short periods.
  • In Väre (Otaniementie 14), some study spaces are available with an access token, while access to others is restricted. There a several kitchens in the lobbies with water taps, coffee machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens. You can keep a lunch (marked with your name) in the refrigerators for short periods.
  • School of Business shared-use spaces and Learning Hub (rooms 1005, 1007, second floor) can be used 24/7 with an access token (Ekonominaukio 1). 
  • Otakaari 4: access to the lobby spaces with an access token (access to some spaces is restricted).
  1. Get access rights
  2. Find updated campus map on this page

Other self-study spaces for all students

Study spaces available with a booking

  • Study, groupwork and meeting spacesoperating at the library are available from 7.00 to 24.00 with an access token.  VR Hub access rights can be applied for at There is a café on the first floor.
  • Otakaari 1: During opening hours, you can use the quiet, semi-quiet, and interactive spaces in the U Wing by reservation. They are on Floor 1 on the Otakaari side of the building. Groupwork spaces can also be booked. They are on Floor 5 of the U Wing. 
  • Otakaari 1, M22: This semi-quiet space for participating in an online lecture, for example, is in the hallway between M Wing and Y Wing.  
  • Otakaari 1, M141: This semi-quiet space for participating in an online lecture, for example. The room is equipped with electric height-adjustable desks.  
  • Konemiehentie 2, Computer Science Building (Floor 1): the Learning Hub Greenhouse has small-group spaces available by reservation.
  • Maarintie 8 (Floor 1): Learning Hub Atrium has small-group spaces available by reservation.  

Study spaces available without a booking

  • Study tables available without a booking are located in the lobbies and corridors of almost every building.
  • Otakaari 1, floor 1: Student Hub rooms Y156 and Y159 have places available without a booking.
  • Learning Centre (library): Floors K, 1 and 2 have study places for use without a booking. The first-floor groupwork spaces do require a booking.
  • Ekonominaukio 1, second floor:The Student Hub has workstations that cannot be booked.
  • Konemiehentie 2, first floor: Learning Hub Greenhouse has a variety of workstations that require no booking.
  • Maarintie 8, first floor: Learning Hub Greenhouse has a variety of workstations that require no booking.
  1. Get access rights
  2. Find updated campus map on this page
  3. There is also a silent room (also called a quiet room or meditation room) on campus for peace and quiet, contemplation or prayer.
  4. If you temporarily need a space for some other purpose, ask the lobby services of the building for help. 
Aalto Design Factory

24/7 self-study spaces for specific fields

Use of the field-specific self-study spaces requires special competencies or a right to study in the particular field.For more information or to apply for 24/7 access rights, go to to the following spaces requires an access token. The information below refers to the Campus map 2022.


  • Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, A Wing. Entrances: U1 door, X door, V door.
  • Architecture Workshop (Paja), Metallimiehenkuja 4 (no. 27 on map).
  • Aalto Studios, Otakaari 7 (29 on map). Please use the B door only.

Design Factory

  • Design Factory, Puumiehenkuja 5A (6 on map). Open Mon–Fri 8.00–15.30. For access rights outside of opening hours, apply at: In the application, mention the course or project and how long you would like your access to remain in force.

Computer Science

  • Computer Science Building, C106 (Panic), Konemiehentie 2, (30 on map).

Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Maarintie 8, room 1177 (37 on map). Entry through the B door only (accessibility entrance).

Student associations

Pienoissatelliitin esittelyä 360-kameran kautta. Kuva: Ira Matilainen

Special facilities for specific fields

Some special rooms and facilities, such as laboratories, workshop rooms and spaces with special security requirements, may have access restrictions. When these spaces are used for teaching, the person responsible for the course manages access-related questions. Every space has staff whom you can turn to for more information. Special facilities are listed on the following pages: 

IT devices and software

IT classrooms and programs

  1. There are shared-use IT facilities on campus equipped with Mac, Windows or Linux workstations as well as printers and audiovisual equipment. You can find free computer classrooms at For a list of computer software, see this Aalto wiki.
  2. Aalto University students may install some of the programmes on their home computers. Some of the software may be obtained for free or at a reduced price, depending on the software licence.
  3. VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)is a technology enabling you to use university computers at home as though you were on campus. VDI remote desktops give you access anytime, anywhere, to the range of programs offered by Aalto and computing speeds like those you get on campus devices.
  4. See all the IT services for students (wireless networks, IT Service Desk, tips for remote studying).

Printing on campus

  1. You can print at a printing station ‘PrintingPoint’. You will need a printing card, or you can print from your own phone, computer or mobile device. 
  2. You may enquire about specialized printing possibilities at  ARTS Printlab
  3. Read more on obtaining a printing card and on the printing quotas
Ihmisiä oleskelemassa U-siiven aulassa Kandidaattikeskuksessa.

Storing belongings

Several buildings have storage lockers for safekeeping your personal belongings on a short-term basis. For example:

  • Otakaari 1 (U Wing, Floor 1; A Wing, Floors 1 and 2; Y wing, Floor 1, Student Hub)
  • Learning Centre (Floors K, 1 and 2) 
  • Maarintie 8 (Floor 1)
  • Konemiehentie 2 (Floor 1)
  • Väre (Floors 1 and 2)

For more about using the lockers, please ask at the lobby services of the building.

Additional information about campus

Tillgänglig AUS Sievo Sauna lokalen

Accessibility in AYY rental facilities (external link)

AYY has paid more attention to the accessibility and reachability of rental facilities. Some of the facilities are nearly accessible, and we also now provide more information on accessible facilities in advance.

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Campus maps, addresses and opening hours in Otaniemi

Here you will also find restaurants, the map, the Aalto Space mobile app, access control - all practical information on one page! You can also visit the campus virtually.

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Aalto University's campus in Otaniemi is the home of an innovative community.

Explore the campus virtually at

Hiljainen huone

Silent room

The Silent room M135 (Quiet room) at the Undergraduate Centre is intended for private, quiet times of meditation, calming down, or prayer. All personnel and students are welcome.

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Campus guide

Services for students at the Aalto University campus

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