Silent room

Do you need a space on campus to quieten down or meditate in the midst of the everyday rush?

The Undergraduate Centre has a Silent room, M135, for shared use by all Aalto students and personnel. You can find the space in the ground floor, M wing of the Undergraduate Centre,

The room is intended for private, quiet times of meditation, calming down, prayer, or simply being. All personnel and students are welcome regardless of their religion, worldview or nationality. Aalto University has a policy of not allowing political or religious meetings anywhere in the university, and therefore the room is free of any material associated with a religious group.

So that the space would be pleasant for all, please do not talk, make noise or in other ways disturb others. Also, no eating, working, sleeping, or studying is allowed.

The room is open during the Undergraduate Centre’s opening hours.
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Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

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