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Sustainable future requires solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and built environment. In the Aalto University School of Engineering you can find your own study path and special interest within these fields and become a builder of sustainable future. Solving real-life issues in your studies, working closely with the industry, international exchange opportunities and our technology student community will ensure that you get the most out of your studies. Our graduates work in expert positions in many key sectors of the society such as in Arctic technology, sustainable built environments, mechanics and materials, multidisciplinary energy technologies and systems design and production.
Aalto University's students of School of Engineering in a energy laboratory
Applying to Bachelor's Programmes

Discover Bachelor's programmes at the School of Engineering

Find our study options below or check all the bachelor's programmes at Aalto University here. The next application period for bachelor's programmes taught in English runs 3–17 January 2024.

Department of Accounting: Unto Rautio

Computational Engineering, Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology)

Are you interested in using computers to model and simulate the physical world? If yes, come study Computational Engineering at Aalto!

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Applying to master’s programmes

Discover Master's programmes at the School of Engineering

Find our study options below or check all the master's programmes at Aalto University here. The next application period for our master's programmes is 30 November 2023 – 2 January 2024.

Students in the house lab with test dummy

Energy in Buildings and Built Environment - Advanced Energy Solutions, Master of Science (Technology)

Did you know that buildings are currently responsible for 40 % of primary energy consumption and roughly half of electricity consumption?

If you want to address big societal issues such as global warming and healthy indoor climate, The Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions may be the perfect match for you. By studying the efficient use of energy in the fields of building technology and services as well as on the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, you will work with creating sustainable and comfortable indoor environments.

Study options
Students in the lab

Energy Conversion Processes - Advanced Energy Solutions, Master of Science (Technology)

Did you know that all of the buildings in Finland could use solar energy for heating? Or that understanding airborne spreading of viruses requires knowledge of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics?

If you want to be part of solving these critical questions of the future, the Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions may be the perfect match for you. The programme offers short- and long-term solutions and tools for problem-solving as the sustainable energy conversion processes are a critical component in the future energy system.

Study options
Students at Aalto University's concrete materials laboratory.

Building Technology, Master of Science (Technology)

Building technology is at the core of designing and constructing both safe and sustainable living environments of tomorrow.

Study options
students look at the map

Geoinformatics, Master of Science (Technology)

Master's Programme in Geoinformatics turns students' talent and hard work into excellence. After graduating, you will be able to work effectively in many roles in the society, applying and utilizing current knowledge of geoinformatics, and to contribute to the further development of the field. This degree is an excellent choice if you want to tackle big societal challenges such as climate change, security and urban development, or if you dream of creating advanced mobile applications.

Study options
Students conduct geoengineering field exercises in Otaniemi.

Geoengineering, Master of Science (Technology)

As one of the top-ranked programmes in its field, the Master’s Programme in Geoengineering provides world-class education in the disciplines of geotechnics, rock mechanics, highway engineering and construction. As geoengineering is a discipline involved with soil and rock, working as the primary basis for our built environment, one could call it the hidden science of everyday life. Simultaneously, Geoengineering graduates play a key role in urbanisation and circular economy, fighting climate change and the growing use of natural resources. Thanks to their highly appreciated knowledge and skills, as well as the programme’s close collaboration with the industry, graduates tend to find great job opportunities with ease.

Study options
A student-built robot on display at Mechatronic Circus 2018

Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

In Mechanical Engineering Master’s Programme you can become an expert in Arctic Technology, Engineering Materials, Marine Technology, Mechatronics, Product Development, Production Engineering and Solid Mechanics, or create your own combination. We empower students follow their interests in the field of mechanical engineering as their professional skills are needed for creating more effective and safe solutions for the society.

Study options
Students meeting at Aalto University

Urban Studies and Planning in Real Estate Economics, Master of Science (Technology)

In the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning in Real Estate Economics you develop into a real estate professional with strong understanding of urban government, policy-making and planning.

Study options
Students in a lecture hall

Real Estate Economics, Master of Science (Technology)

The majority of annual global investments target real estate, and most of national wealth is into real estate as well. Urbanisation accelerates construction and increases the demand for experts of real estate economics. If you are interested in working with real estate markets, investments, management or development, the Master's Programme in Real Estate Economics will get you started. The programme gives you the skills and knowledge you need to manage the entire lifespan of real estate.

Study options
Students looking at SPT studio course

Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

Making smarter and more liveable cities requires new skills that integrate land use and transportation. The Master's Programme in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering offers the skills you need to design and develop urban and regional systems. The programme combines technical and human-centered approaches in land use planning and transportation engineering.

Study options
Students doing a group work around a table

Water and Environmental Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

To ensure sustainable and functioning societies, the world needs engineers specialised in solving local and global water-related challenges.

Study options
IDBM student explaining a concept to IDBM Impact 2018 event visitors

International Design Business Management, Master of Science (Technology)

IDBM is a pioneering and renowned study programme that truly embodies the vision of Aalto by integrating design and technology with global business development. Through transdisciplinary teamwork and real-life business challenges provided by our prominent industry partners, the programme prepares students as the next generation of creative professionals. IDBM is uniquely positioned as the only programme offered in all six schools of Aalto, allowing programme graduates to earn a Master’s degree in either business, design or technology.

Study options

Double degree programmes at the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering offers ten international joint degree programmes. Check out the admissions dates from study option pages.

Cold climate 2

Cold Climate Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Visit the Arctic and gain a unique specialisation in cold climate engineering. Boost your CV by studying abroad. Graduate with a double degree from two internationally acclaimed universities.

Study options
The Environmental Engineering Flow Channel at Aalto University's Otaniemi campus

Environmental Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Environmental technologies and green engineering are amongst the fastest-growing markets in the world and there is growing demand for innovative solutions and new graduates

Study options
Aalto University personnel at the Slag2PCC pilot plant

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Nordic Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (ISEE) is a world-class education in the energy sector and an international double degree programme leading to two Master's degrees. The programme combines sustainable energy engineering with innovation and entrepreneurship. The innovative aspects of the programme are related to both the advanced renewable energy concept in the Nordic countries as well as new businesses in the energy sector.

Study options
Open-water ship model testing in the Aalto Ice Tank basin

Maritime Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

The Master program in Maritime Engineering is concentrated on ships, including yachts and offshore structures, their design, construction and operation and their interaction with the environment. You learn to apply rational methods within mathematics, numeric analyses, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics to analyze, design and technically operate ships and offshore structures. Moreover, you will understand the special, high demands to these structures for instance with respect to safety and consideration for the environment.

Study options

Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Master’s programme in Urban Mobility, study track Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (SUMT) is a master programme focusing on the holistic approach in study, design, development and evaluation of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban environment and mobility systems.

Study options

Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT), Master of Science (Technology)

Real-world energy challenges, collaborative solutions, sustainable tomorrow - a pathway for an exciting future in sustainable energy and environmental work. This is a joint program leading into double Master's degree.

Study options

Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Master's Programme in Manufacturing and its Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility major are a combination of production science, mechanical design and production management. This is an international double degree programme supported by EIT Manufacturing that includes studying in two different countries and a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Study options

Zero Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Zero Defect Manufacture for Circular Economy (ZD) is a combination of studying manufacturing science, data analysis, and process management. Master's Programme in Manufacturing is an international double degree pgoramme supported by EIT Manufacturing. The programme includes studying in two different countries and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Study options
People wearing helmets and examining a tunnel wall

European Mining Course, Master of Science (Technology)

The need of mineral-based materials is growing globally, partly related to the new green technology. Applications such as windmills and electric vehicles need traditional metals, but also many high-tech metals that support the environmentally sustainable future. Re-use of metals is important part in the materials cycle, but it will not satisfy the increasing demand of metals. Minerals need to be extracted from the earth’s crust far into the future. The European Mining Course (EMC) aims to train experts who possess wide-ranging skills and abilities to respond to this demand.

Study options

Doctoral Programme in Engineering

There are two annual application periods for the programme: one in September and another in March.

Aalto ENG

Aalto Doctoral Programme in Engineering

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering consists of seven research fields including spatial planning and transportation engineering; real estate economics; geoinformatics; civil engineering, water and environmental engineering; mechanical engineering; and energy technology. Doctoral studies are available at all the departments of the School of Engineering: the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Department of Built Environment.

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Francisco Melo Oliveira

Student Francisco Oliviera became familiar with Aalto through an exchange semester

Now Francisco Oliviera is graduating from the Geoengineering Master’s programme and works as a Geotechnical Designer.

Lien Tran at her graduation ceremony

Alumna Lien Tran combined studies in solid mechanics with mathematics

Mechanical Engineering alumna Lien Tran is currently conducting her second master’s degree while working as a Concept Designer.

Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering student Oya Duman

Oya Duman

With the help of my studies in the programme, I feel much more involved in my own living environment. Feeling like an active part of my own environment makes me feel empowered as a person.

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Portrait of Artem Makarov

Student Artem Makarov found his dream job in industrial water treatment

Artem Makarov, who is originally from Russia, is now finalizing his studies and working full-time simultaneously.

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