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Master's Programme in Geoinformatics

Master's Programme in Geoinformatics turns students' talent and hard work into excellence. After graduating, you will be able to work effectively in many roles in the society, applying and utilizing current knowledge of geoinformatics, and to contribute to the further development of the field.
Geoinformatics students operate a drone at Aalto University.


Master of Science (Technology)

Application period:

2.12.2019 – 3.1.2020

Language of instruction:



2 years, full-time


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Field of study:

Technology and Engineering


120 ECTS

Organising school:

School of Engineering

Tuition fees:

For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies)

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Scholarships and Tuition Fees

Please note, study option's language of instruction is English!

Geoinformatics engineers are usually present when crucial decisions in our society are prepared. Analysis and visualizations of accurate geographic information typically reveal essential information for decision-making. This degree is an excellent choice if you want to tackle big societal challenges such as climate change, security and urban development, or if you dream of creating advanced mobile applications.

Geoinformatics is an integral part of our everyday lives. Location, location, location. Your mobile device continuously knows your whereabouts. Check the weather or navigate your car, and location is again the key word. Shoot aerial video with your drone or jump into virtual or augmented reality – once again, you encounter geoinformatics.

Geoinformatics engineers are the ones who measure and analyse big data. They know how to visualise complex geospatial problems or phenomena and turn them into beautiful maps, infographics and applications. They understand the spatial dimensions of Earth as well as her full complexity as a living, moving and changing planet. Geoinformatics is an interdisciplinary, cutting-edge engineering science, co-operating with many other fields of study.

Study programme

Within the Master’s programme in Geoinformatics you can focus on studies in one or more fields, such as geodesy (navigation and positioning), photogrammetry, laser scanning, remote sensing, or geoinformation technologies. More detailed information on these fields can be found from the programme flyer.

You are welcome to apply to our Master’s programme if you have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and skills in mathematics, programming, and an interest in applying computer sciences to geoinformatics. All courses are given in English.

Structure of studies

The Aalto University uses the ECTS-based credit system (European Credit Transfer System). The main principle of the ECTS-based credit system is that one academic year of studies comprises of 60 credits (ECTS) which equals 1600 hours of work.

The structure of studies (120 ECTS) is following:

  • 60 credits in major: 30 credits of common studies and 30 credits of advanced courses (elective)
  • 30 credits of elective courses; can establish a minor
  • 30 credits for Master's Thesis; a piece of applied research or theoretical research conducted independently by the student

Read more on programme pages.

Career opportunities

This curriculum will prepare you for key positions in academia and industry. You may find yourself working for private, public or non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Some of our alumni create decision-making tools. They monitor the global environment and help find solutions to problems such as energy crises or the uneven distribution of natural resources. 

Many of our former students are involved in the business world. They may, for instance, manage logistics chains or pinpoint the best location for a new shop. Others develop software for autonomous cars. There are many areas where their expertise is needed, such as service design, robotics and industrial control, communication technology, mobile application development, gamification, 3D modelling and point clouds, just to name a few.

Study paths to the Master's Programme in Geoinformatics

Alternative study paths for getting admitted to the Master’s Programme in Geoinformatics are illustrated in the figure on the right.

Admission requirements

Aalto University's student selection process is competitive and paper-based. Applications that pass the eligibility check (administrative evaluation) conducted by Aalto University Admissions Services proceed to the school's programme-specific academic evaluation.

The following are used as criteria for academic evaluation:

  • university/higher education institution; recognized for high quality of education and research
  • degree and relevance of studies; suit very well or excellent to the study option
  • academic performance; need to be mainly very good or excellent
  • motivation and commitment to the programme; should be clearly in connection with the study option 

You are welcome to apply to our Master’s programme if you have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and skills in mathematics, programming, and an interest in applying computer sciences to geoinformatics.

Additional documents

The following mandatory documents are required by the programme:

  • a motivation letter
  • curriculum vitae (cv)

Contact information

With questions regarding admission to the programme, please contact Aalto University Admission Services: [email protected]  

For enquiries regarding the content of programme and studies, please contact [email protected]

Visit our admission website of the Master's Programme in Geoinformatics.

Applying to master’s programmes

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