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We appreciate the expertise and vision of both our community and our stakeholders. Therefore you are always welcome to contribute to our living strategy and discuss about the topics that are important for our community. Here you can find the ways to give your input and ideas on the future of our university.
People at Aalto University community event on strategy in March 2019, photo Mikko Raskinen

How to get involved as Aalto community member? 

To support our living strategy process and to strengthen our community spirit, we have established an opportunity to have open online conversations in connection to aalto.fi news. Participation requires signing in with your Aalto ID. 

Conversations can be linked to the annual planning process of the university and schools, and input can be used to support decision-making and planning. Conversations can also be started to gather ideas and to network with people around Aalto. The producer of each news article is responsible for explaining how the input is used and facilitating the discussion. 

All ongoing conversations

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Latest activity
How would you spend 13 000 euros for students' wellbeing? Leave your suggestion!
Date of publishing
31.8.2022 8:58
Latest activity
24.9.2022 20:57
One euro for every student—how should Aalto University spend it? Submit your ideas by 30.5.2021
Date of publishing
12.5.2021 12:00
Latest activity
30.5.2021 23:58
Share your ideas for the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022–2024
Date of publishing
22.4.2021 10:08
Latest activity
4.6.2021 22:05
Students studying at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre

How to get involved as a stakeholder?

We appreciate the expertise and vision of both our community and our stakeholders, and therefore you are always welcome to contribute to our living strategy. As a stakeholder, you can participate by answering a short questionnaire.

Aalto University - Towards a better world, video

Link to the questionnaire (for Aalto stakeholders)

You can also share your insight by email [email protected]

Thank you for your contribution! 

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Did you know that creativity can be measured? Check out recent survey results

The Creative Working Life 2030 project develops tools for measuring and strengthening individual and organisational creativity. Aalto University's experts participated in the development of the creativity self-assessment survey.
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Answer the University Preview 2022 survey

Give input to Aalto University’s living strategy process by sharing observations of any global trends you have noticed by 30 September.
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Aalto University has set its sights firmly on building a sustainable future

Board approved the Annual Board Report and Financial Statements for 2021
Community event audience and speaker Mikko Kosonen, Photo by Mikko Raskinen
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University Board discusses challenges and outlook with Aalto community at annual event

The themes of the annual discussion forum between the community and the Board were well-being and the changing working life.
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