Warranty and maintenance

Aalto University devices are mainly sent for maintenance only during their warranty period. If a device breaks after the warranty period, it will be replaced.

On this page you will find warranty policies for IT devices and instructions on how to send a device to maintenance.
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Warranty repair for a device

If your device needs repair, please contact IT Service Desk. IT Service Desk checks if the device can be fixed and, if needed, takes the device for manufacturer's service.

At the IT Service Desk we also have devices that you can loan short-term when needed.

Warranty periods for devices

Aalto University devices are  sent for maintenance only during their warranty period. If a device breaks after the warranty period, it will be replaced. 

If the warranty does not cover fixing the device, the costs for maintenance will go to the user's cost centre / unit.

Aalto University standardised workstation models the warranty periods are:

  • PC laptops: 3-year warranty, warranty type NBD on-site (Next Business Day = NBD)
  • PC desktops:  4-year warranty, warranty type NBD on-site 
  • Apple computers:
    • for devices purchased after November 2021, 4-year warranty, Apple Care for Enterprise (ACE)
    • for devices purchased from November 2021 onwards, 3-year warranty, Apple Care for Enterprise (ACE)

The warranty period for the batteries for Aalto University devices is the same as the warranty period for the devices. 

If you have questions related to warranty, please contact IT Service Desk

How to check the warranty?

You can find the serial number of a device on a sticker on the desktop or on the bottom of the laptop. 

With the serial number you can check the warranty of the computer at: 


For Android phones the warranty is usually 2 years. 

For iPhones the warranty is: 

  • Devices purchased between November 2021 and 7 December 2022: 3-year warranty 
    •  Apple Care for Enterprise (ACE), covers also some faults that are due to the user, with certain limitations (including, for example, water damage, dropping the device...) 
  • Devices purchased before November 2021 or after 7 December 2022: 1-year warranty, repair shop warranty

You can check the warranty of your device from the manufacturer's service. For this you normally need the device's serial number or IMEI code.

If your phone needs to be repaired, please take it to IT Service Desk. IT Service Desk will sent the phone to maintenance. If needed, you can also loan a device from IT Service Desk while your phone is in maintenance. Note that the phones that are available for loan are usually older models, not the latest smartphones.

The service time for a phone is about 2-4 working weeks.

IT Service Desk contact information and service hours

Contact IT End User Support for help or information on Aalto University IT.

a contact point to the users of the Aalto University IT who are in need of help and information. You can visit the service desk during opening hours or ask for help by email, telephone or chat.

IT Service Desk

How to order a computer

Instructions on how to order a computer.

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