How to order a computer

On this page you will find instructions on how to order a computer.

Please note that Aalto University schools have different practices for ordering. In some schools ordering is centralised, in others end users order their computers. Before ordering, check your school's ordering process from your superior or from the person responsible for orders in your department.

Two ways for ordering a computer

When ordering a desktop, use the IT Orders form. When ordering a laptop, two different order forms are available: 

  1. Order a computer form in eSupport for ordering from a basic, preselected set of laptop.
  2. IT Orders form for ordering a laptop that is not within the basic, preselected set of computers but that is needed for an employee to do their work. 

Based on the order form used, the costs of the order will go to either IT Services or the users cost centre:

  1. When the Order a computer form in eSupport is used for ordering, IT Services is responsible for the costs.
  2. When the IT Orders form is used for ordering, the user's Cost Centre is responsible for the cost. When using the IT Orders form make sure that you know who will approve the order.

Ordering with the Order a computer form

Use the Order a computer form in eSupport when:

  1. A computer is at the end of its life cycle and the primary user (or the person responsible for orders in the user's school) has received an email from IT Services to order a replacement computer.  
  2. The current computer that a user has is broken and repairing it is not sensible.  
  3. The user needs a new computer, for example, because of new duties. 
  4. You are ordering a computer for a new employee.

When you order the computer with the Order a computer form in eSupport, the user may also receive a refurbished computer, based on how long a contract they have.

Refurbished computers are well-functioning, cleaned, re-installed and tested used computers with life cycle still ahead of them. 

When the computer is ordered with the Order a computer form IT Services will choose the computer for the user based on the chosen model and the length of the users work contract. IT Services can also order a new computer from the supplier. In that case, IT Services will be responsible also for the costs for the computer ordered from the supplier.

If you are ordering a replacement computer for a computer that is at the end of its life cycle, approval is not needed.

Ordering with the IT Orders form

Use the IT Orders form when:

  1. To do their work, a user needs a laptop that is not included in the basic, preselected models available on the Refurbished computer form. 
  2. You want to make sure that the user receives a specific model or that they receive a new laptop that is ordered from the supplier. 
  3. You are ordering a desktop.

Keep in mind that when you order a new computer with the IT Orders form, the cost centre is responsible for the costs. 

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Do you need help on ordering or choosing a computer / phone model?

IT Service DeskIT Service Desk will be happy to help you find the correct model based on your needs. IT Service Desk also have a limited amount of example devices available.

Note that ordering a computer or phone may be centralised at your school. Please ask your superior for instructions on how to order devices. 

[email protected]Contact IT Procurement for guidance on orders and on issues concerning the ordering process, device categories, lease financing and more complicated orders.

Is it possible to cancel an order or return ordered and delivered items?

When the order is placed to the supplier with the IT Orders form, the order is binding. The order will be sent for delivery very quickly, so cancellation is not usually possible. In some cases, unopened items can be returned to the provider for a cancellation fee.

Make your order early enough

Due to global shortage of components and war in Ukraine, all delivery times are long from 3 to 6 months from factory.

Always order a device well before the device is supposed to be in use. From time to time, there are delays in delivery, so by allowing some extra time for the delivery, you will avoid any troubles due to short delays.

When the timeline for having a new computer in use is short, it is important to choose one of the standard Aalto packages. Suppliers keep these in buffer storage for Aalto University.

Note that renewal of a computer should not be timed directly before leaving on a work trip. Even if the delivery arrives on time, possible problems/issues occurring during first few weeks of use are much easily solved on campus than during a working trip.

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Purchasing policy for computers and mobile devices for personal use for staff

The policy defines roles and responsibilities for purchasing.

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