Student support, guidance and study well-being

Study well-being is important in Aalto University and it is one of our strategic initiatives. We want to ensure our students’ success, capabilities and wellbeing in a multicultural and diverse community. Study well-being questionnaire results indicate that students who feel well also study well. We have many ways to support this wellbeing by providing first-class study support and doing continuous development of teaching.

The long term development of study well-being is done in cooperation with academic staff, Learning services and students. Aalto University and its partners provide many services for our students to successfully study at Aalto and enjoy one's stay at the university.

Study well-being is researched by an annual study well-being questionnaire, that also provides the students with feedback and tips on how to develop one's own study skills. Based on the results, we have found certain areas of development in teaching. The most important is inspiring teaching, with a reasonable workload. Teachers get support from pedagogical developers, each other and study well-being initiative (Success of Students).

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn.

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