Service page template

An example of the default structure and content of the service page. For example, you can use this page as a template and clone it, and then you'll have all the components and page structure you need ready for your new service page.
Add a main image to the page. If you don't want it to appear, select the "hide image". Image needed if this page is lifted to another page.

The page in the Services hub (page type "service") should answer at least the following questions:

Is the title clear and concise?

Label clearly and using keywords that the user is likely to search for. Do not repeat Aalto University in the title or summary. The reader already knows that they are on the Aalto University website.
Who is the service intended for?

Clearly state the target group of your service (e.g. teacher, researcher, all Aalto employees, etc.)
What does the service include/mean?

With the help of the content of the page, the reader can either complete the matter as a self-service or be guided forward on the service path, offering either the next page/step or the right contact person with whom the matter can be handled.
What does the service include, mean?

Tell us clear steps forward to deal with the matter. If the matter can be handled as self-service until the end, tell us how to do it.
Contact information: Where can I find more information? From whom or what team?

Use the People liftup component to get your contact information directly from personal profiles. This will make your update work easier and the information will be more up-to-date.
What other service pages are involved?

Guide the reader further along the service path and build the entity needed by the reader (manual liftups) other pages related to the topic, e.g. under the heading "Related to this Service". Link all possible steps from the service path to keep the services as a whole. Also consider pages produced by other units. The user does not need to know if another entity has a related issue. He is offered a whole, regardless of the units.
What other services might interest the reader?

More liftups (Manual liftups) e.g. under the heading "Check these out too".


Is the content accessible? All content must also be accessible e.g. screen reader. Please do not use text in your images to convey relevant information. If your image has text, always repeat it in the body text.

  • Streamline text structure with descriptive headings and text formatting.
  • Use bold to highlight words. Please do not use italics or underlines, as they are easily interpreted as links.
  • Change the visible text of the link to descriptive, parallel to the title of the linked page. Do not use the text "Click here" in the link.
  • If you add tables, always use the program's built-in formatting tools. Do not insert an image from the table.
  • Before uploading a file, always think about whether the information could be written directly on the page instead of using an attachment. Separate files are not as accessible as a web page and their use always requires more from the user.

Read more about accessibility

Language versions

The service page must be available in both Finnish and English.

Regularly review content

Please check that your page is up-to-date a couple of times a year, for example at the beginning of the school year. Review content and contact information, and update if necessary. Update both language versions.


If you want to illustrate your page, you can search for thousands of images already uploaded to Drupal. 

You can also find a new image in Aalto's material bank

How the main image appears in lifts

The main image should be added to your service page, even if you don't display it on the page: it is needed for liftups. In other words, if your service page is promoted to another page with a lift up component, it must have a main image so that the lift shows a small image. See below for an example. The main image does not have to appear on the page itself, you can select "hide image".

An example of the newsfeed with and without an image.

Other content on this topic

Other service pages have been highlighted here to help the reader move forward with the matter. Link the entire service path here if it contains more than one service page. Please also consider materials produced by other units on this topic. As a component "Manual liftups".

Drupal image for Comms use only. Abstract image, yellow.

Service pages: how to create or edit?

Service pages provide important information to the personnel at Aalto University. Learn how to create and edit a service page!


Accessible communication

Learn about accessible digital communication at

Drupal: website
A white, 80 cms high 3D logo with capital A and an exclamation mark to the right of it. The logo is standing in the sunshine on a beach with the sea and some seagrass behind it. Picture by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Material Bank (external link)

The material bank, and its contents, are for creating official Aalto University communications, branding and marketing materials. The tool is for university's communications professionals, communications’ subcontractors in specific projects, employees, and external cooperators.

For further information, please contact:

Helena Järnefelt

Senior Digital Communications Specialist

You may also be interested in these

You can also link to pages that you think are useful to the reader, even if they are not related to this particular service path. A bit related to the subject, for example. As a component "Manual liftups".


Communications services and contact information

We help you make your activities visible through focused and timely means of communications.

Henkilöstö viestintäkoulutuksessa / Kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Communications training

Training is offered widely in themes such as content production and situations requiring interaction skills, for example presentation and facilitation skills as well as digital media skills.


The Attachments component allows you to download attachments.

Related news

Here you can highlight news with a specific keyword/tag, if such could be associated with your service. For the purposes of this drawdown, the primary tag used is "services" and the secondary tags are "communication" and "communication services". As a component "Automatic news liftups".

Use this news feed only if related news coverage exists.

Examples of the new open-source Inter and Besley font families
For Aalto community University Published:

Done – Move on Aalto computers to open-source fonts from licensed ones

Aalto University now uses, especially in graphic design, the open-source typefaces of Inter and Besley.
Laura Aalto, photo by Mikko Raskinen.
University Published:

Laura Aalto: It means a lot to be seen and heard

'I remember how much it meant to have the opportunity to teach. People believed in me as a professional, and I was seen and heard. I succeeded despite being nervous. This organisation saw my potential.'
Aalto Social, google haussa. Keltainen tausta.
For Aalto community University Published:

Aalto Social creates communities across boundaries

Get to know the communities of our own internal social media and visit to have a chat - and please do attend the opening ceremony of the academic year at Aalto Social as well!
For Aalto community University Published:

Support Structures: An exhibition of Aalto University services​ ​

How would you like to see services supporting research and education in the University represented?
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Communications Services

Did you find what you were looking for? If not, please contact us.
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