Service entities

Aalto services comprises of service entities from human resources services to leadership support services and from finance services to lobby services. Please get to know all Aalto services below.

Research Services (RES)

Research Services (RES) offers services related to research  as well as its development to innovations and commercialisation of their output.The staff of RES also provide services for acquiring external funded research and artistic projects and support for management of the projects throughout the lifecycle of the funding. RES  also develops several university-wide research policy areas such as multidisciplinarity, open science and research, assessment of research and artistic activities, ACRIS research information system, the tenure track recruiting, multidisciplinary collaboration platforms, university profiling, sustainability, and national and international academic networks.

Innovation and Eco-system Services (IES)

Innovation services (IES) develops services and contacts that foster the growth of the innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship activities, and is responsible for coordinating multidisciplinary research and artistic work within the university.

Learning Services (LES)

Learning Services (LES) combines services associated with teaching, the development of teaching, and students. LES supports Aalto University’s students by providing them with services needed during their entire study track. LES also supports teachers and programme directors in the planning, execution and development of their administrative duties related to teaching and programme development as well as teaching competence development. Doctoral education services is also part of LES. LES supports the internationalisation of studying and teaching, and provides services for external clients, including alumni and prospective students. The Language Centre and the Learning Centre (including Library and Information Services) are part of LES.

Communications Services (COS)

Communications Services (COS) is responsible for strategic communications, marketing, brand and visual identity of the university and its schools; coordinates and develops university’s communications channels; plans, supports and executes communications operations; and is responsible for media relations and strategic events at the university.

Financial Services (FIS)

Financial Services (FIS) provides university services related to securing Aalto's economic sustainability by diversifying and maximising its funding base, driving the efficient use of resources, and providing professional financial services within the university.

Travel Services

Travel Services offer digital, mobile and professional services for work travel to Aalto University staff, visitors and students.

Human Resource Services (HRS)

Human Resource Services (HRS) supports the achievement Aalto University’s objectives by offering services to the university’s faculty and staff to ensure an inspiring work environment, positively challenging assignments, good working conditions and attractive career systems. HR processes support management, research and teaching work, as well as work in art and creative practices. The university as an employer particularly invests in personnel well-being, competence development and creating a well-functioning, multicultural community. HRS also supports the internationalisation of Finnish personnel and the integration of international personnel.

IT Services (ITS)

IT Services (ITS) produces services for researchers, teachers, students and other staff to make their work more flexible, wide-ranking and secure regardless of time and location.

ITS is responsible for Aalto’s overall Enterprise and ICT Architecture and related products and services, including project portfolio management, common applications and platform development and maintenance, IT infrastructure, IT equipment and software purchasing, IT end-user services and IT security.

Technical Services (TSS)

Experimental research, participatory teaching and art and creative practices involving multiple technology applications play a key role in the activities of the university. Technical support is responsible for maintaining the university’s infrastructures, equipment and premises for research, art and creative practices, and other tasks requiring technical knowledge and skill, such as providing support for teaching in student laboratories and workshops.

Technical Services - School of Chemical Engineering

The technical staff in the School of Chemical Engineering supports research and education.

People working in a laboratory

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture

At the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, hands-on learning is essential. Our students have access to one of the finest workshop environment in the world, with a very high workshop to student ratio.

Arts_Infra - PrintLab workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Leadership Support Services (LSS)

Leadership Support Services (LSS) supports the implementation of Aalto University strategy and the development of practices  and procedures through analysing of the operational environment and advocating proactive measures. LSS is responsible for internal governance processes, including quality management and for the university’s document and registry services. LSS supports the university leadership in developing and coordinating strategic partnerships and corporate collaboration, ensuring the university’s visibility in relevant national and international contexts as well as in providing business analyses on the global operating environment. Fundraising is also a relevant part of LSS operations.

Advancement and Corporate Engagement (ADCO)

Advancement and Corporate Engagement supports interaction with stakeholders, maintains relationships with companies, donors and alumni, and develops services and relationships that foster growth in the innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship.

Legal Services (LEGAL)

Legal Services offers assistance in all legal and agreement matters of Aalto University. We want to help Aalto University avoid unnecessary legal risks and support achievement of its objectives by offering professional legal services and promoting compliance, responsibility and ethics within the university’s activities. We provide assistance on legal and agreement matters related to Aalto’s core activities in research, innovation and education as well as e.g .employment relationships, IT, facilities and finance.

Security and Lobby Services

Aalto University Security and Lobby Services are responsible for campus safety, and they work together with Aalto CRE.

Lobby Services

Aalto University Lobby Services provides guidance and other services to employees and visitors of Aalto facilities, while helping to maintain the general safety and security of campus facilities. You can recognise Lobby Service staff by the red workshirts and hoodies they wear with the Aalto University logo or the uniforms they wear with the Securitas logo.


Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (ACRE)

Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (ACRE) is responsible for the construction management, development and maintenance of Aalto facilities as well as services related to their use.


Secretarial Services (SES)

Secretarial services are coordinated at the level of the individual schools and units.

This service is provided by:

Leadership Support Services

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