Technical Services - School of Chemical Engineering

The technical staff in the School of Chemical Engineering supports research and education.

Technical staff provides support services for research and teaching including for example the following services:

  • Chemical orders (chemicals, ethanol, liquid nitrogen etc.)
    Chemical suppliers are e.g. VWR, FisherScientific and Sigma-Aldrich. Please make orders via our order request system. Aalto University's procurement policy is followed in all procurements. 
  • Gas and gas alarms
  • Equipment support
  • Small purchases
  • Workshop services                                  

For the above mentioned services, use of equipment or measurements, the contact details are the following:

Chemistry building

Research engineer Juha Linnekoski, tel: +358 (0)503134715

Forest Products Building

Research engineer Timo Ylönen, tel: +358 (0)405779804

Workshop services

Operating engineer Seppo Jääskeläinen, tel: +358 (0)505224631

For more information on technical services in the School of Chemical Engineering, please contact technical services manager Jaana Rich, tel. +358 (0)504081988.

This service is provided by:

School of Chemical Engineering

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