Lobby Services

Aalto University Lobby Services provides guidance and other services to employees and visitors of Aalto facilities, while helping to maintain the general safety and security of campus facilities. You can recognise Lobby Service staff by the red workshirts and hoodies they wear with the Aalto University logo or the uniforms they wear with the Securitas logo. They can be reached at the reception desk by building main entrances, or if temporarily away, by calling the number indicated at the reception desk.

Service Manager Tomi Kanerva is the general supervisor for Lobby Services. Four coordinators – Mira Bartholdi and Kim Ranta – are responsible for their own teams.

Services may differ between buildings. If you have questions about Aalto’s Lobby Services or other matters, you can contact Service Manager Tomi Kanerva at 050 515 0373 or [email protected].

While Lobby Services staff have a diverse range of duties, the underlying goal is to ensure the smooth running of university operations. Depending on the building, Lobby Services may primarily serve the reception area or perform other building porter and custodial duties in different parts of the facility.

Main duties:

  1. Customer service and information
  2. Helping ensure the general order and security of campus facilities according to the building safety plan
  3. Locking and opening doors
  4. Distribution and collection of building keys, maintaining the key management system
  5. Using the postal system Posti SmartShip; sending, receiving sorting and distributing mail; receiving courier deliveries (UPS, DHL etc.) and delivering to Aalto recipients, as well as receiving outbound mail and giving to couriers on behalf of the Aalto senders. Note that the building porters are not responsible for preparing orders or shipping forms (due to liability issues).
  6. Distributing documents
  7. Operating the classroom booking system (Asio / eSupport)
  8. Lecture hall maintenance: guidance and assistance, board cleaning, general cleaning, advice on audiovisual (AV) equipment, ordering repairs when necessary
  9. Delivery of AV equipment to classrooms as needed
  10. Making accommodations for dissertation defences
  11. Maintaining the central storage rooms and inventories of office supplies
  12. Delivering printer and copy machine paper and refilling the paper trays
  13. Reporting malfunctions in copiers and other equipment
  14. Ordering service calls for grounds and facilities and performing minor repair and maintenance work
  15. Lightbulb replacement
  16. Small moving jobs
  17. Posting temporary signs
  18. Moving, installing and adjusting room furniture and accessories, depending on the need and situation

Aalto University Lobby Services contact details

Below you'll find the lobby service contact details on Otaniemi campus and in Töölö

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Aalto University Campus & Real Estate - ACRE

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. We also build new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

This service is provided by:

Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

Kampuksen turvallisuudesta vastaa Aalto-yliopiston turvallisuus- ja aulapalvelut yhteistyössä Aalto CRE:n kanssa.
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