Locations of printing devices (PrintingPoint)

Black and white prints can be printed with PrintingPoint devices.

Locations of PrintingPoint devices

Updated 18 March 2021.
If your visit lasts longer than 15 minutes, please notify [email protected] where you were and when.



1st floor  - UNAVAILABLE

2nd floor  - UNAVAILABLE                           

Konetekniikka (Otakaari 4)

In front of IT classroom 148

Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1)

Classroom A046 - UNAVAILABLE 

Printing room U114b - UNAVAILABLE 

3rd floor Y hallway, in the middle

3rd floor U353 - UNAVAILABLE 

Student hub Y176 - UNAVAILABLE 

Otakaari 7

Printing room 332a - UNAVAILABLE 

Learning centre (Otaniementie 9)

1st floor 105b - UNAVAILABLE

2nd floor 212a - UNAVAILABLE

Rakentajanaukio 4

1st floor library - UNAVAILABLE 

2nd floor, open space


1621 hallway

1192 hallway

Puu2 (Tekniikantie 3)

Classroom 122 - UNAVAILABLE 

Kemistintie 1D


T-Talo (Konemiehentie 2)

Student hub, library -UNAVAILABLE 

VÄRE (Otaniementie 14)

0 floor, near Kipsari - AVAILABLE only for ARTS students

1st floor In front of R106/R107 beside class R102 - AVAILABLE only for ARTS students

2nd floor in public place in front of Fazer cafeteria - AVAILABLE only for ARTS students

VÄRE (Ekonominaukio 1)

1st floor 1007 Learning hub - UNAVAILABLE 


Lönnrotinkatu 5

2nd floor Aquarium

3rd floor, hallway

Related instructions

Printing with Canon multi-function devices (Mac and SecurePrint)

The printer queue and its drivers are automatically installed on OS X 10.7 and newer Mac computers in maintenance by the IT Services, so you do not have to worry about the deployment of the printer queue.

Printing with a SecurePrint queue from your own Linux computer

Printing from your own Linux computer to Aalto University’s printing server can only be done from trusted networks (wired networks and Eduroam, for instance).

Printing in Aalto's Linux

A print queue called secureprintps has been added to Aalto University’s Ubuntu workstations and general servers (version 14.04 and later), which is the default printer on most computers. When you want to print something, select secureprintps from the printer menu.

Printing at Aalto University

You can print documents at Aalto University with a personal printing card. Print your jobs on both sides of the paper whenever you can, and use electronic materials to avoid unnecessary printing.

Mobile printing

Students and staff members at Aalto University who have a valid Aalto email ID can also use mobile printing tools.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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