Other academic positions


General principles

In accordance with the Aalto University strategy, the positions of other academic personnel enable the long-term planning of education and research as well as ensure the sufficient mobility of researchers. The positions of other academic personnel are built around the titles of Professor of Practice and Adjunct Professor, the title of Post Doctoral Researcher, and various researcher titles. They are therefore not part of the tenure track career system or the career system of the lecturers.

Student titles apply to bachelor’s and master’s degree students and postgraduate students who are employed by Aalto University. Aalto University has also defined criteria for awarding the title of docent to persons outside the university community.

By defining other academic titles, departments/schools/the university can hire personnel for specific purposes and on various grounds. In this way other academic titles and practices and expectations related to them are equalised.

The other academic tasks and titles of Aalto University are shown in the following picture:


All Acadamic positions

Developing skills and knowledge

You can learn more about solutions for the development of skills and knowledge on the Osaaminen ja urasuunnittelu web pages.


Official description of other academic positions

Positions of other academic personnel are described in greater detail in the document Other Academic Positions. 

The president's decision (14.9.2012) includes a separate "Code of Practice" regarding the title of Docent. Please note, that the use of the title of Adjuct Professor is described in the document of "Other Academic Positions / Muut akateemiset tehtävät" above. 

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