Microsoft Whiteboard: installation and introduction

On this page you will find instructions of how to install and start using Microsoft Whiteboard on Windows 10 computer.
screenshot of the notification in a desktop

On centrally managed Aalto Windows workstations, you currently need to get Microsoft Whiteboard from the software self-service portal.

After the installation you can search the application with Windows search from your computer (the magnifier in the lower left-hand corner).

When starting the app, you will be asked to approve the license terms. Approve them by pressing Accept.

screenshot of the microsoft whiteboard

How to use Whiteboard

In the upper left-hand corner is the My whiteboards -button. Using that you can either create a new whiteboard or open an old, earlier saved whiteboard.

a screenshot of the buttons

There are three buttons in the upper right-hand corner.

By pressing the button on the left you can invite people to share the whiteboard. The person you invited, will get an email.

The button in the middle is your profile icon. By pressing it you can see the account with which you have signed into the whiteboard. With the button on the right you can access the settings. In the settings, there is for example Post to Teams option, and by choosing that you can post the whiteboard to Teams. Therefore, you can continue working with the whiteboard in Teams.

whitboard toolbar

On the lower edge of the whiteboard there is a toolbar.

From the leftmost icon you will get a toolbar of different pens.

whiteboard pen tools

By clicking a pen, you can change the color of it and the thickness of the line. Clicking the tick mark on the left closes the pen toolbar.

With the second button from the left you can choose and add the picture from your computer.

Add note -button (third from the left) adds a note.

+ button opens a menu with more tools.

With the arrows on the right, action can be cancelled or redone.

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