Aalto University Lobby Services contact details

Below you'll find the lobby service contact details on Otaniemi campus and in Töölö. The lobby services can be contacted in any practical matters related to using the building. You can always contact the lobby services of the venue to request assistance in organizing the furniture, electricity and cables, signage, cloak services, access passes, and other on-site service.

Aalto University Lobby Services contact details per lobby

Building/Service Address Email Phone
Dipoli lobby Otakaari 24 [email protected] 0505112195
Dipoli custodians   dipoli-info@aalto 0294420007
Learning Centre custodians Otaniementie 9 [email protected] 0504722546
Learning Centre Securitas lobby, night     0504415185
ARTS/Väre custodians Otaniementie 14 [email protected] 0504723004
Väre Info   [email protected] 0503835446
School of Business/BIZ custodians Ekonominaukio 1 [email protected]  0504722970 
School of Business Securitas Info   [email protected]  0504027042
Undergraduate Centre custodians Otakaari 1 [email protected]  
* A wing Otakaari 1 A-siipi  [email protected] 0504723520
* U wing Otakaari 1 U-siipi  [email protected]  0504722980 
 * H wing Otakaari 1 H-siipi [email protected] 0504723590
* Y wing and post service Otakaari 1 Y-siipi [email protected] 0504723620
 * Info Otakaari 1  [email protected]  0503472290
School of Chemical Engineering custodians Kemistintie 1  [email protected] 0504722545 
School of Chemical Engineering Securitas lobby, night   [email protected] 0505941557
Vuorimiehentie 1 custodians Vuorimiehentie 1 [email protected]  0503058673
Vuorimiehentie 2 custodians Vuorimiehentie 2  [email protected]  0504093034
Maarintie 8 custodians Maarintie 8  [email protected]  0504723222
Computer Science building custodians Konemiehentie 2  [email protected] 0504723100
Nanotalo building custodians  Puumiehenkuja 2 [email protected]  0504722705 
Otakaari 4, K1 custodians Otakaari 4  [email protected] 0504723140
Puumiehenkuja 5, K3 custodians Sähkömiehentie 4  [email protected] 0504723313
Sähkömiehentie 4, K4 custodians Sähkömiehentie 4 [email protected] 0504723340 
Otakaari 3 custodians Otakaari 3  [email protected]  0505124350
A Grid custodians Otakaari 5 [email protected] 0503303490
Otakaari 7 custodians Otakaari 7  [email protected] 0504723166 
R Building custodians Rakentajanaukio 4 [email protected] 0504723250
R Building 4 Securitas lobby, night   [email protected]  0504355388
Aalto Töölö custodians  Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki [email protected] 0503446053
    [email protected] 0504754016
Aalto Lobby Services coordinators   [email protected] 0504722464 
Aalto Lobby Services events team    [email protected] 0294420007
Aalto Lobby Services Service Manager   [email protected] 0505150373
This service is provided by:

Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

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