Delegating tasks in Workday

Workday tasks, such as approving annual leave or other requests from subordinates, must be delegated for the duration of annual leave or other long absences. Request to delegate tasks appears in My Tasks after requesting leave over 2 weeks for other leave types than annual leave. Supervisors must remember to set delegation before heading to annual leave or leave that compares to annual leave.

Delegating tasks in Workday

Please remember to set a delegate in Workday together with setting an out-of-office message to Outlook. If a supervisor doesn't set a delegate for during their absence, no possible requests from subordinates, such as absence requests or other changes to employment details, can be processed before the supervisor returns. 

If the employee heading to leave has no supervisor responsibilities, setting a delegate is not mandatory. However, for long absences (over 2 weeks), with reason code other than annual leave, a request to set a delegate will appear in your My Tasks after making the request and it must be skipped, if you don't wish to set a delegate.

manage delagtions in workday
  1. Find the correct business process from Workday using the search bar option on top: My delegations
  2. Click Manage delegations
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  1. Choose the delegating period by settinga start and end date.
  2. Set a delegatee aka the collegue, who will take your responsibilities within Workday. You must also set up an alternative delegatee.
    • The delegatee must be an employee with a connection to your team and with an appropriate position to handle the responsibilities. This person coud be eg. supervisor's supervisor or HR. The system restricts delegations based on the delegatees position and roles.
  3. If you so wish, you can give the delegatee a permission to start processes, such as requesting a Job Requisition, on your behalf: choose processes in Start on My Behalf.
  4. You can choose to give the delegatee acces either to all delegatable tasks or to specific tasks you may receive in your My Tasks. You can also choose to retain access to the same tasks the delegatee receives during your absence: click Retain Access to Delegated Tasks within My Tasks.
  5. Not everything is delegatable, eg. tasks regarding you own personal details can not be delegated. You can see what's delegatable on the table behind the link: Business Processes Allowed for Delegation.
  6. Press Submit to save your choices.

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