Automations at Aalto - what does a cost center define?

In a community as large as Aalto University it is important to ensure that the user rights stay up to date. Therefore, we use cost center information for defining different usage rights for our staff.

For example, internal mailing lists, network drives, user and administrator rights, and access rights for special spaces are automated. Automation ensures that when, for example, a person leaves or changes position within Aalto, their rights are updated according to the new cost center.

When a cost center change (for example, organizational change) is planned, please contact the IT Service Desk as soon as possible to enquire about the technical recommendations for each item. Please create a separate ticket for each item on the list below to ensure smooth progress.

A person’s cost center change affects the items below:

  • The automatic mailing lists will change – a person is removed from their old mailing lists and will be added to new ones. If the old email lists are still needed, the person needs to be added manually. 
  • User groups (in Active Directory) are updated according to information from salary payment. An example of this is that a user can no longer access shared work and teamwork network drives of their old cost center.
  • User rights to different systems may change (e.g. SISU). If needed, please contact the system administrator.
  • The user’s computer – if the user changes from one department to another, the cost center information needs to be updated.
  • The user’s mobile subscription needs to be updated to the new cost center. Inform [email protected] and they will do the update.
  • Physical access to special zones and meeting rooms may change. Check instructions at If you need assistance, please contact [email protected] or your schools’ technical service (TSS).

If the person whose cost center changes works for a schools’ technical service or is an IT administrator, also IT administrator right groups, workstation administrator (WA), and server administrator (SA) rights groups need to be updated.

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