Activating the access right and how to request extended rights: Staff and visitors

Instructions to staff and visitors on how to activate access rights and request for extended rights.

Activating the access right to the token  

To activate the access right to the token, the new staff member or visitor needs their Aalto ID. The Aalto ID is used as the username when logging into the Aalto self-service portal  

The new staff member or visitor picks up an empty token from lobby services and registers and activates the token in the self-service portal  

Notice! The access right to School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM) premises requires completing the CHEM work safety e-course. If the staff member or visitor needs access to CHEM premises, they need to complete the e-course in OpenLearning before the access can be granted. The system will automatically check and approve the completion of the course.  If the system approves the completion of the course, the person in granted access to CHEM premises in addition to the basic access rights. Without an approved course completion, it is not possible to access the CHEM premises.  

Adding access rights 

A staff member or visitor that requires access to special zones, needs to create a request in the self-service portal for these zones. The manager can also initiate the request on behalf of the employee or visitor.

Log in to and select “Start a new request” on the front page. Under the option “Physical access to Special zones” you will find a list of special zones. 

If the special zone requires induction

  1. The staff member or visitor will complete the e-learning class in the MyCourses system. The self-service portal will guide you to complete the correct e-learning class related to the selected special zone.

  2. The course author will check the performance. If the course author accepts, the acceptance will be integrated automatically.

  3. If the course author rejects the performance, MyCourses will send the staff member or visitor an automatic notification.  

If the access right to the special zone does not require any e-learning courses or introductions

  1. The staff member or visitor requests access from their manager through the self-service portal (necessary information: start date, duration and reason).
  2. The request goes to the manager, who will evaluate the need for the person to access the special zone. If the manager accepts the access right request, the acceptance is done in the self-service portal.
  3. Next, the request is automatically transferred to the key responsible person. If the key responsible person accepts the access right request for the special zone, they accept the request is the portal, and the access right is automatically updated and the person is sent an automatic email notification. 
  4. If the request is denied by the manager or the key responsible person, the person is sent an automatic email notification.  

Access right deactivation 

The end date of the contract registered in Workday will automatically terminate the access rights. The manager reminds the person of returning the empty token to the lobby services, so it can be reused.  


Access rights, access tokens and key control on Otaniemi campus

On this page you will find instructions to access control, access to buildings and key control on Otaniemi campus.

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