Adding articles manually to ACRIS

Please find below the instructions on how to add journal articles and conference articles manually to ACRIS.

Note: Always check if the publication is already present in the system. The system will notify you if the same or a similar publication already exists.

Adding articles manually to ACRIS

Adding a journal article to ACRIS

  1. Click on Add content button at the top right of the screen, select Research output
  2. Choose Create from template: select the appropriate template and fill in the details (for example Contribution to journal > Article)
  3. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. In addition, please add a link to the article in Electronic version(s) section.
  4. Apply the correct status at the foot of the Research output template, choosing either Entry in progress (you will continue working with the record), or For validation (output is ready to go to ACRIS staff for validation)
  5. Remember to click on Save before you close your record
  6. ACRIS staff will validate your record and after that it will be visible in the public portal

Instructions as a PDF file

Adding a conference article to ACRIS

Please note that different types of conference outputs should be submitted via different templates in ACRIS

  • Presentation at a conference = Add content -> Activity -> Talk or presentation types -> Conference presentation (Finnish MinEdu class: N/A)
  • Poster presentation at a conference = Add content -> Research output -> Contribution to a conference -> Poster (Finnish MinEdu class: N/A)
  • Conference abstract in a book of abstracts = Add content -> Research output -> Contribution to a conference -> Abstract (Finnish MinEdu class: N/A)
  • Conference abstract in a journal = Add content -> Research output -> Contribution to journal -> Meeting Abstract (Finnish MinEdu class: N/A)
  • Article in conference proceedings = Add content -> Research output -> Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedings -> Conference article in proceedings (Finnish MinEdu classes A4, B3, D3)

Please note that the current data collection instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture state that either an ISBN or ISSN number is required for A4 (scientific, peer-reviewed) and B3 (scientific, not peer-reviewed) level articles in conference proceedings.

Instructions as a PDF file

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