Aalto GPT

Your personal AI assistant, currently in a limited pilot mode. Whether you're a teacher, researcher or administrative personnel member, Aalto GPT, our new artificial intelligence tool, will be there to help you in your daily work.

Read below how to join the pilot.
Aalto GPT is for public information only, never to be used with confidential information

Aalto GPT is an artificial intelligence tool designed to support and enrich your academic efforts. Try seeking quick answers, look for research insights, improve your texts, simplify administrative tasks. Save your time. Get yourself a new virtual colleague. 

Aalto GPT is an official Aalto collaboration tool, currently in the pilot phase and in beta mode. It utilizes OpenAI's large language models, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. As Aalto GPT is still in pilot mode, you will need a permission to join the pilot group. Easiest way to join the pilot group is to join Daily AI community in Aalto Social. Otherwise, you will be invited after the pilot is over and we move into production.

Please keep in mind that using GPT-4 is 20 times more expensive than GPT-3.5. 

TOP 10 - Frequently asked questions

How to use Aalto GPT

  1. Working remotely? Turn on VPN 
  2. Visit 
  3. Choose “login”
Aalto GPT instructions

Basics of Aalto GPT

  1. Start the discussion in your preferrable language 
  2. Review the response and copy if needed… 
  3. …and continue the discussion to improve the answer.   
Top menu in AaltoGPT

Top menu in Aalto GPT

  1. Tips-link: For handy use of Aalto GPT, hints for prompt engineering, typical use cases etc. 
  2. About-link: The official service page in Background, role, roadmap 
  3. Feedback-link: Give anonymous feedback. Bugs, questions, improvement ideas 
Examples for AaltoGPT
Information classification types with examples: you can use only Public data with Aalto GPT.

Aalto GPT - with public information only

Use only public information when chatting with Aalto GPT 
You cannot e.g., copy-paste students’ material, research proposals or personal data in Aalto GPT

Aalto GPT pilot

This kind of service needs some piloting to cover various different user groups, to get feedback, and to learn about the costs and support needs. Here are the phases in which piloting has been and will be executed:

  When? Who?
Phase 1 Summer 2023 Legal + Developing team
Phase 2 End of September 2023 IT services, PMT and many management teams, and many selected persons from various functions and teams
Phase 3 Between October 2023 and end of 2023 Up to 500-600 users
Phase 4 End of 2023 or early 2024 All Aalto personnel


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