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Alumnus and entrepreneur Varun Singh shares his experience with students

Varun Singh was the first The Alumnus of the Year in 2016.
Varun Singh

He began his studies in the Master’s Degree programme in Communication Sciences in the Helsinki University of Technology in 2006 and graduated as MSc (Tech.). Singh continued into doctorate studies in communications under the supervision of Professor Jörg Ott.  During the doctoral research Singh collaborated with several top tier companies, such as, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, Mozilla, Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm, Avaya, and NetApp. After earning his doctorate, Singh founded CALLSTATS I/O Oy with Professor Jörg Ott, Marcin Nagy and Shaohong Li. The company develops analytics and optimisation products for WebRTC-based real-time services, and Singh is the company’s CEO.

The enthusiasm to become an entrepreneur got a boost in 2009 when Singh participated in the founding stage of AALTOES, a student-led entrepreneurship community. He was active in the community’s core team for a couple of years and had an important role in the promotion of growth entrepreneurship among students.

‘I gladly tell about my experiences to students and share my knowledge and expertise around’, Singh points out.

He encourages others to follow the events and matters cropping up daily. If it seems that something does not work, it is worthwhile to try and figure out whether it would be possible to do that in a different manner, and, whether it could function as a business idea.

‘Once you have an idea, believe in it. At the first stage, it is important to consider whether the client understands your company’s idea and whether it meets the client’s needs. After this, build a well-functioning team.’

‘I myself have been lucky to have been able to gather a fantastic and competent team around. My thanks for the recognition is also meant for my team and company associates, and to people whom I have met during my career’, he expresses his gratitude.

Two Aalto University students working on a laptop together / photo by Unto Rautio

Communications Engineering - Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, Master of Science (Technology)

Digitaalisen murroksen maailmassa verkkojen kehittämisen, rakentamisen ja ylläpidon osaaminen on halutumpaa kuin koskaan aiemmin.

Bhavya Omkarappa / Aalto University / School of Electrical Engineering / Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering -pääaineen opiskelija Bhavya Omkarappa löysi unelmatyön Ericssonilta

Bhavya Omkarappan mielestä Aalto-yliopiston kurssit simuloivat hyvin oikeaa työelämää.

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