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Premium Partner - Hilti

As a Premium Partner of the School of Business Hilti gives our students a valuable insight on construction industry.
People are standing in front of a wall with huge picture of people with red shirts sitting on a coffee break and a Hilti logo. People are talking with eachoterh.
Hilti at Aalto Talent Expo 2023. Picture: Hilti.

Drills and other electrical construction site tools come to mind for many when they think of Hilti. However, this is only part of the truth - in addition to these, various fastening accessories, fire protection, measuring devices, installation systems, as well as software and services are at the core of Hilti's business. Hilti is therefore more than just tools, it offers all-encompassing solutions for professionals in the construction industry. In addition, Hilti makes its devices to last and therefore offers them a lifetime maintenance service. In Finland, Hilti has 260 experts working in sales, development, maintenance and support services. Globally the company employs around 30.000 people. Read more about Hilti at their website

The partnership between Hilti Finland and the School of Business began in 2021, and that makes Hilti our newest partner. The aim of the partnership is to make Hilti and its career opportunities known to students and to create opportunities for cooperation now and in the future. Within the framework of the cooperation, Hilti also gets new perspectives on its own business, e.g. by participating in various Capstone courses. As an employer, Hilti has been available to the students of the School of Business since the old ARENA Career Fair, for the first time already in 2001. Nowadays, you can meet Hilti at several of our events, from the Aalto Talent Expo to smaller career events. 

Responsibility and the environment are also an important and current topic in the construction industry, and Hilti has very ambitious goals in this regard. Durability and maintenance of machines and equipment, management of material flows, and sustainable and safe solutions for construction technology are at the center of Hilti's operations. For Hilti, the circular economy means producing as much added value as possible by reusing as many raw materials as possible.

The know-how of the School of Business has a wide variety of needs and opportunities at Hilti, not forgetting the multidisciplinary talents that the entire Aalto University graduates. 

Two people standing and one sitting on a fair stand and all are wearing red shirts. A huge wall with picture of a woman with red shirt and Hilti logo on the background.
Hilti crew at Aalto Talent Expo 2023. Picture: Hilti.

For students

Read more about Hilti as an employer from JobTeaser (for Aalto users):

JobTeaser company profile

See all Hilti's job offers in JobTeaser portal:

Link to the JobTeaser portal(all countries) 


More articles about our collaboration:

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti Hiltille, projektiryhmä päätöstapaamisessa

Students helped Hilti understand the financial decision-making of its customers

Hilti (Suomi) Oy and the School of Business joined forces to study the economic impact of Hilti's tool service and to improve the sales process of the service with the financial management of the client companies.

Räätälöity projekti Hiltille, työryhmä
Tomi Nyman.

Alumnus Tomi Nyman: Sales business is consultative and creative problem solving

Tomi Nyman, who works as National Manager at Hilti, says that social skills and mentality for continuous learning are the most important skills in today’s working life. That’s why the understanding of how I learn is the single most important lesson learnt at university. Nyman’s study combination, Management as a major and Finance as a minor, is especially useful in his current position.

Hiltin projektitiimi

Two students helped Hilti Finland attract fresh Aalto graduates

A students’ perspective on recruitment marketing sets the bar high for future collaboration.

Kaksi opiskelijaa istuu läppäreidensä kanssa Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Capstone course gives opportunity to put master’s studies into practice

The participating companies praised the course concept and the talented students.


Partnership Programme for long-term collaboration

Aalto University’s School of Business has its own Partnership Programme to build and maintain close, long-term relations with companies. The programme is the only one of its kind in Finnish universities, and also connects the partners with the other Schools and fields at Aalto University.

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Partnership Program

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Annemari Rautio

Annemari Rautio

Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Business

Ways to cooperate

From below you will find some ways to collaborate with Aalto University School of Business.  

Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Customized Student Business Projects

Contact us when you need bright minds to analyse and solve your challenges. We will tailor a student project according to your needs.

School of Business
Kauppakorkeakoulun Cafe Kylterin edusta.

Build your Employer Brand at the School of Business

We offer marketing and event visibility services to employers at the School of Business

School of Business
Project work course gala

Study Projects

In study projects, students solve real-life cases together with companies and other organisations.

Corporate collaboration
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