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ETHO 2019

ETHO2019 workshop hosted by Aalto University, Photo by Kalle Kataila
ETHO2019 participants. Photo by Kalle Kataila

The third Art and Design Academies Technical Service Workshop was hosted by Aalto University in Espoo on April 4 and 5 in 2019.  Link to the workshop announcement and programme. More than 130 participants from 30 academies in 14 countries participated in the workshop. The table below includes links to the workshop presentations.

Workshop materials






Service design – basics and applications
This keynote gives insights on what service design is by introducing some of its core principles and examples of its applications.

Professor Tuuli Mattelmäki, Head of Department of Design



How to make the workshops an active educational space at the art academy
Vibeke Gieskes, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague

Pedagogy in the Stations at Willem de Kooning Academy, Best Practices
Aldje van Meer, WdKA


Track 1:  The Changing Role of Workshop

Humorous Health and Safety
Hannah Pittman, London College of Fashion, University Arts London

The ideal of free access for a broad group of users: Managing workplace safety
Louisa Goldman, ZurichUniversity of the Arts


Track 2: Management of Technical Service

Planning of workload
Abid Qayum, RCA; Bart Vissers, KABK; Liesbeth van der Geest, WdKA



Track 1:  The Changing Role of Workshop

Shared use of facilities and infrastructure – Working across disciplines.
Amber Taylor, David Finney and David Edwards, Staffordshire University


Track 2: Management of Technical Service

Planning for the next events and the future of ETHO


Track 1:  The Changing Role of Workshop

Crafting New Attitudes on Craft.
Sabin Garea, KABK

A case study around innovative approaches to optimising student engagement experience within the multidisciplinary resource centres
John Brennan and Stephen Larkin, University of the West of England (UWE)






Track 2: Management of Technical Service

Challenges and opportunities in connecting workspaces for art, technology and scientific research.
Elias Heuninck and Maria Boto, School of Arts, Ghent

User involvement in designing, planning and building new facilities for arts and design education
Janne Hirvonen, Aalto ARTS

Is it sustainable to take old practices into new spaces?
- Slideset
- Paper
Shona Harrison, Glasgow School of Art


Development of online induction courses for workshops and studios of art and design university.
Antti Huittinen, Aalto ARTS









Workshop participant report by Dagfinn Sigridson Skoglund, KHIO (Oslo National Academy of the Arts)

Participating institutions

Austria:  University of Applied Arts Vienna

Belgium:  University of Antwerp; KASK / School of Arts of University College Ghent

Denmark: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts KADK

Estonia: Estonian Academy of Arts

Finland: Aalto University; University of Arts Helsinki

France: ENSAD, Ecole Nationale Superieur des Arts Decoratifs

Germany: Hochschule Hannover ; Merz Akademie

Hungary: MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Norway: University of Bergen; Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Scotland: Glasgow School of Art

Sweden: Konstfack; Göteborgs Universitet

Switzerland: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste; Hochschule Luzern

The Netherlands: Royal Academy of Art The Hague; Willem de Kooning Academy; HKU University of the Arts Utrecht; Avans Hogeschool

United Kingdom:  Royal College of Art RCA; London College of Fashion, University Arts London; University of the West of England (UWE); University for the Creative Arts; Staffordshire University; Glasgow School of Art; Arts University Bournemouth; University of Derby


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