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Learning Centre Exhibition Guidelines

Guidelines for planning exhibitions in the Learning Centre
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  1. Exhibition building access and events

To submit a reservation request for an exhibition space at the Learning Centre, use the online booking system Asio eet&sijainti=R015 

During the time of an exhibition or event, the Learning Centre must be able to deliver its regular services during its normal opening hours:

Exhibition opening events and access outside opening hours must be arranged by email with Events Team: 

[email protected] 

Exhibition spaces are not available during the orientation weeks in September. 

Exhibitions may only be built in the Main Lobby, the Foyer and the Visual Resource Centre (VRC). 

The exhibitions must not disturb the normal operations of the Learning Centre. If the exhibition includes sound, it must be listened to through headphones.

16 white pedestals, 4 mobile screens (55”), and 6 acrylic display covers are available. For acrylic covers, please click the guideline.

Type  Colour Quantity Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Pedestal White   8 45 45 85
Pedestal White  8 85 85 40

The hanging system for 2D works are metal bars in the wall. The display system for 3D works are pedestals. The Visual Resources Centre (VRC) offers lockable glass display vitrines.

Exhibitions cannot use any adhesive tapes on the walls or floors because they damage the surface

  1. General instructions


  • The transportation of incoming and outgoing goods and items occurs through the utility entrance at Otaniementie 9.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their exhibition space during and after the exhibition.
  • The exhibition space must be cleaned after opening events as well.
  • Exhibitors should return all furniture and equipment to storage.


  • Catering orders are between the exhibitor and the caterer, including invoices and costs. 
  • Only Robert’s Coffee has an alcohol license to serve alcohol in these spaces under the law.


  • Exhibitors produce their own catalogues, notices and advertising for their exhibition and are responsible for their distribution and removal.

Insurance and release of liability

  • The Learning Centre has no responsibility for exhibition insurance coverage or for incidents of injury or theft occurring at the event. We recommend that exhibitors obtain insurance against loss or damage and indemnity insurance for their own goods, items, devices and furnishings.
  • The setting up of all artwork and other items for display at the Learning Centre occurs at the owner’s risk.

Liability for damage

  • Should building property incur loss or damage during an exhibition, the costs of repair or replacement will be charged to the exhibitor.

Permits, security and rescue plans

  • Emergency exit routes and fire extinguisher locations must remain unobstructed by any furniture, equipment or other items brought by the exhibitor or any Learning Centre furniture rearranged by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining official permits for exhibition as well as for any Gramex or Teosto royalties or copyright fees. For more information, see


  • Main entrance route: A parking place for people with disabilities is located within 10 meters of the entrance. The parking bay is marked and its berth is at least 3.6 meters wide. For assisted visitors a parking place is located less than 5 meters from the entrance and the passage to it is barrier-free. The route to the entrance is marked, lighted, adequately wide and on level ground.
  • Main entrance: The entrance is easily distinguishable and well lit. The glass entrance doors can be easily seen and they include contrast markings. Adequate space for movement in a wheelchair, for example, is available outside the door. The door opens automatically with a push button.
  1. Contact details

Booking Confirmations

Jonna Utriainen, Planning Officer 

[email protected] 


Edel O’ Reilly, Curator

[email protected]

Outi Turpeinen, Manager/ Public Art & Exhibitions

[email protected]

Lobby Services / Caretaker

[email protected] 

tel. +358504722546

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