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Aalto university doctoral theses are published open in Aaltodoc publication archive. The majority of the theses are article based theses including several publications in referred international journals. Monographs are accepted, too. In the field of art and design, a thesis may also include artistic components like an art production or a series of art productions connected to each other.
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See the doctoral theses in the Aaltodoc publication archive

Doctoral candidates defend their theses in a public defence. Before this, the thesis is pre-examined by two independent experts in the field who are selected outside the university, usually abroad.

A ceremonial conferment of degrees is organized for graduated doctors. This is an academic celebration, in which doctorates and honorary doctorates in different fields are conferred. The tradition behind the ceremonial conferment is that new graduates and doctors are introduced and accepted as full members of their scientific community.

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Doctoral programmes

Doctoral programmes of Aalto prepare to become highly qualified researchers and experts in most demanding positions. Doctoral education is carried out in a unique multidisciplinary international scientific community.


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Public defences

Public Defence in the field of Information Systems Science, Wenjie Fan, M.Sc.

The title of the dissertation is "Extracting Value from Social Big Data: Empirical Studies on Online Customer Reviews and Managerial Responses”
Detail related to the thesis "Niki (Mother) (2020)
Public defences

Public defence in Design, MA Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen

The title of the thesis is The Making of Inspiration – From Monet to Warhol and beyond
Public defences

Public defence in the field of Bioproduct Technology, M.Sc.(Tech.) Most Kaniz Moriam

M.Sc.(Tech.) Most Kaniz Moriam will defend the doctoral thesis " Modification of Ioncell spinning technology to increase fiber toughness and create a water-repellent surface" on 20 May 2022 at 14 in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems.
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Public defences

Public defence in Computer Science, M.Sc. Raimundo Gonzalez Diaz

Title of the doctoral thesis is "Acoustic Scattering for Spatial Audio Applications"
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