Master's Programme in Manufacturing


The master’s thesis is a 30-credit entity that also includes the maturity test and presentation of the thesis. The master's thesis is a piece of applied research and is written on a topic related to the advanced studies of the degree programme. The key goal of the master’s thesis is solving a problem relevant to the field of study based on existing scientific knowledge in compliance with the principles of responsible conduct of research.

Master's thesis process

You will find detailed information, instructions and deadlines related to the master's thesis process from this section. 

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Aaltodoc publication archive

Aaltodoc publication archive consists of full text materials produced in the university, such as theses, journal articles, conference publications and research materials produced by the schools of Aalto University.

publication platform training

Aalto Thesis: For the student

Aalto Thesis is a challenge-based and work-life oriented possibility to enhance your professional expertise and multidisciplinary teamwork skills during the Master's thesis process.

Three students studying in the Learning Centre.

Turnitin - an aid for skilful writing and prevention of plagiarism

Turnitin - an aid for skilful writing and prevention of plagiarism

Student Guide illustration, applications, instructions and guidelines

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