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Planning your studies

Instructions for planning your studies

An essential and required part of your studying at Aalto is your study planning. Planning your studies will give you the broad outlines of them in their entirety, helping you to build up your own competencies and expertise in the direction that interests you.

The Universities Act (558/2009) (in Finnish), Aalto’s degree regulations and your programme’s curriculum determine a portion of your degree’s content, while a portion can be chosen by you yourself according to your interests, goals and life situation. Your minor, thesis topic and elective studies are all examples of studies that you may quite freely plan. You may also decide to go on a student exchange programme or complete studies at other Finnish universities.

Sisu instructions: front page

The front page of Sisu instructions for students

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Choosing your major

Your studies impact which Master's programmes you can choose

When you have gained admission to a Bachelor's Programme at the School of Business, you have also gained a right to study for a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree. Start planning your master's studies already during your bachelor's degree, because choices you make during your bachelor's degree impacts which master's programmes you can choose.

Instructions for choosing a master's programme, criteria for all programmes and instructions on how to begin your master's studies are on the page Graduation.

Transfer rules for students who started studies before 1 August 2022

These rules apply to students who have started their studies in the Finnish-medium Bachelor's Programme in Business before 1 August 2022 (so called "continuing students") or have been admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in Business via transfer application and have started their studies at their previous home university before 1 August 2022. Students beginning their studies in fall term 2022 complete their studies according to the 2022-2024 curriculum.

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