Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Engineering


After your defence date has been confirmed and your Sisu credit plan has been approved in Sisu, you may request for graduation in Sisu. Please update your contact information at Sisu at the same time.

Sisu instructions for requesting graduation ( you have submitted the request for graduation, you will be able to graduate on the next official graduation date following the approval of your doctoral thesis. Your thesis will be approved in your School's Doctoral programme committee's next meeting following your defence, provided that the opponent has had time to submit their statement for the Committee.

Aalto doctoral thesis awards

Top ten percent of doctoral theses are awarded annually at Aalto University

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School of Engineering Award

Award for Excellence

In the School of Chemical Engineering around 20% of the doctoral theses are awarded with Award for Excellence. The both pre-examiners, and later the opponent, are asked to consider the overall quality of the doctoral thesis. If they evaluate the thesis is of top 20% quality, they are asked to indicate this in his/her grading table. Students awarded with Award for Excellence will receive a separate diploma together with the degree certificate.

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